• Enrollment Forms

    To apply to a Phoenix Union high school, you will need to print the enrollment application which includes: Enrollment Form, Emergency Student Health Card, Home Language Form, PXU McKinney-Vento, Arizona Residency Guidelines, Open Enrollment (if applicable), Title IV (if applicable), and Johnson-O’Malley (if applicable); have them signed by a parent or guardian; and return them to the registration office of the school you've selected, along with the following required items:

    • Birth certificate (If unavailable, contact your school’s registration office for assistance.)
    • Immunization records (Immunizations are available through the high school nurse.)

    Please complete the application process as soon as possible, as many of our schools and programs reach capacity quickly. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Thank you for applying to a Phoenix Union high school. We look forward to preparing you for college, career, and life! 

Small or Specialty School Applications

  • When enrolling for a specialty program, small school, or Metro Tech High School, you must complete an application first, and in some cases qualify. Download the application of the school you're interested in to begin.

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