Stay Healthy!

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Using hand and sanitizer is good also but get in the habit of washing hands well with soap and water after using the restroom and before meals.                                                                                


#2 DON'T SHARE FOOD  other students may have food allergies.

#3 COUGH/Sneeze PROPERLY Use a tissue or elbow as a cover-up measure. An elbow is less likely to come into contact with others, making it the healthier alternative to the hand.

#4 VACCINATE    When one kid gets the flu, a lot of kids get the flu! The flu vaccine is especially important and is recommended for anyone older than 6 months each year. Other *required school vaccines protect students from disease, suffering, and school absence.

#5 AVOID THE BACKPACK     If a backpack is a necessity, choose a double-strap bag- the two straps will help disburse the burden evenly.

#6 GET Enough SLEEP!    Students need to sleep 8-9 hours each night in a dark room without their computer and TV, and they need to be on a regular sleep schedule,

#7 TAKE A MULTIVITAMIN Daily!     It's hard to have the perfect balanced diet every day of the week.

#8 PLAY FIRST, STUDY LATER    Exercise before you do homework .The activity increases blood flow to the brain and helps you to think more clearly.

#9 GET Regular EXERCISE   Schedule it into your day- It's that important!

#10 SIT and Stand UP STRAIGHT    Posture makes a difference in how you feel as well as look!

#11 EAT HEALTHY Food    Natural is better (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and a small amount of lean protein eg. chicken and fish)

#12 SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE INFLUENCES Being around those who love and care about you can help you to maintain a happy mood. Your mental state affects your physical state.