Got Asthma? A Yearly ' To Do' List

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1. Make an appointment with your  student's doctor. Obtain an *Asthma Action Plan( request one from student's physician) Obtain and bring a *Metro Tech Chronic illness Packet (available through school nurse or registration department) to  the Physician for consideration/completion.
2. Share *Asthma Action Plan with School Nurse and return completed *Metro Tech Chronic Illness Packet
3. Be sure to provide your school with an *Current Emergency Phone Number where you can be reached
4. Provide student Medication and Supplies* (if indicated)
5. Obtain a   Yearly Flu shot for student when available
*If you don't have a doctor or can't afford to fill prescriptions check with your school nurse or contact the              Partnership for Prescription Assistance @
1 888 477-2669 , Rx Outreach @ , Patient Services Incorporated@