Does Your Son or Daughter Have a Severe Allergy?

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Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction resulting from exposure to *allergens

                     *25% of school-day reactions happen to children who didn’t know they had an allergy!

                        *It may result in death!
*Peanuts, bee stings, and latex  are all common allergens that can cause anaphylaxis.

The signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction may include one or more of the following:

      Trouble breathing or wheezing
      Sudden hives
      Lip swelling
What Can I  Do?
          *#1  Avoidance of known allergens is most important! 
          *If your child has been diagnosed with a severe allergy and  has been prescribed an epinephrine auto-injector s/he should have one with him/her at all times!
          *Communicate this information to those who will be with your child and can help him or her ( school nurse, counselor, teachers, friends, etc.) 
          *Notify EMS if the Epi pen is used - additional medical monitoring of your child is warranted.
           *Replace Epi pen so you will always be prepared
****Remember * T riggers( what you are allergic to) :  Know them, Avoid them,  and Communicate this  information to others who can help you in an emergency
                    *E pi pen have it with you at all times and notify E MS( 911)  if it is used
                     *R eplace ( obtain a new Epi pen) so you will always be ready