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Dragon Digest Newsletter 3

    Bioscience High School


[Edition 3, Volume 3]




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At the start of Quarter 4, the freshman team was excited to continue teaching approximately 50 students virtually and to welcome 60 students to campus for in-person learning. 9th graders have done a fantastic job adapting to hybrid style learning. We have seen incredible growth from our students since the start of this year. Here are some of the cool things our students have engaged in this quarter: Checking sources for accuracy and credibility in Humanities, expressing themselves through a unique Mandala  piece in Art, Practicing Geometric constructions in Math, Speaking and Writing about Health and Wellness in Spanish, learning about experimental design and basic Physics concepts in MOSI, and getting educated on drug use and proper nutrition in Health and Fitness. We are proud of our students’ resiliency this year and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish in their next few years at Bioscience and beyond!


The sophomore class has shown their perseverance and dedication to learning throughout this unprecedented time.  Students continued work collaboratively and show their Bioscience spirit whether they chose to learn at home, or in person.  They are looking forward junior year and are excited to choose between the engineering and biomedical pathways.  The sophomore class would like to wish Mr. Hall well on his new adventure in Beverly Hills!


The biggest accomplishment for the class of 2022 was continuing to create community despite a difficult, remote year. Dragon Juniors worked hard both remotely and on campus to continue learning and growing. We said goodbye to Mr. Waxman and got to know our guest teacher, Ms. Nachman! The Junior team is going to miss the class of 2022 and is excited to see them all on campus next year when they’re seniors!


In Humanities seniors have been deepening their understanding of the law and the constitution by participating in Moot Court. Senior Statisticians learned the difference between efficacy and effectiveness regarding vaccines, and they calculated the efficacy rate for the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The Biotechnologists found solutions to various issues related to vaccines such as the social injustices related to equitable distribution. Engineering students are broadening their understanding of solar energy from a science, engineering, mathematical and social perspective. Calculus students are using mathematical techniques to calculate the total accumulation of sunlight hours for a given city over the course of a year. We will miss the class of 2021 and wish them all the best as they leave Bio to take on new challenges and adventures!







Student Government – STUGO wants to congratulation its graduating seniors and its new, recently elected officers! At the end of March, and into April, StuGo hosted their first in-person AND virtual spirit week of the 20-21 school year. We saw students show their spirit through class colors, and a variety of other fun daily themes!

Broadcasting – Dragon News worked really hard this year to produce timely videos working remotely. We collaborated on scriptwriting, worked to improve our skills in researching school news, and our seniors hosted multiple editing workshops as part of their legacy.

Publications – Publications members have been both working hard to post their own written work as well as hosting work from non-members who wish to share their writing. Check out the Dragon Publications Blog!

National Honor Society – Although our involvement in the community had been limited to a remote approach, the efforts of our members to reach out to communities far and wide persisted throughout the year. We began by targeting urgent needs in the valley by reaching out to Haven Hospice to hold a mask drive, as well as a separate resource drive for healthcare workers. We continued on to work on individual projects, such as creating holiday cards for the elderly at Hearth Inc, working on plarn craft to recycle plastic waste, volunteering with HandsOn Phoenix, and much more! In the late winter and early spring, we assisted families in the Phoenix Union District by partnering with Target and other community members to gather items for a food and resource drive. It goes to show our members’ commitment in the face of challenges!

STARS - In STARS club this past year we have had a blast playing different games and doing our project about creating our own planet. In the future of STARS club, we are planning to learn more coding and 3d modeling and implementing it to our future projects such as the cube satellite.

Robotics – Despite a virtual competition season, Dragon Robotics 2375 presented their Chairman’s Essay highlighting our team efforts to create opportunities for STEAM in downtown Phoenix.  We also presented a computer-aided design of our would-be robot if we could build it in real life.

Art Club – Art Club this year has been working on getting closer with new members to make sure they have a great time and collaborating with lots of clubs and organizations. We help with making posters, t-shirt logo designs, and murals!

Theater Club – The Theater Club put on an awesome performance of 'Left to Our Own Devices' in March, and spent the rest of the school year writing and performing skits.








Creative Thinker – Lizzete Rodriguez

Problem Solver – Naomi Martinez

Virtual Leader – Kimberly Luna

Collaborator – Cayden Curtiss

Academic Excellence – Kelly Nguyen

Compassionate Citizen – Ana Groves

Creative Thinker – Angel Alvarado

Problem Solver – Christopher Lopez

Collaborator – Christopher Vu

Academic Excellence – Brooklyn Quarles

Compassionate Citizen – Ariana Delgadillo

Leadership – Martin Ramirez Posadas




Creative Thinker – Faith Thompson

Problem Solver – Harrison Thomma

Collaborator – Liliana Gutierrez Galvan

Compassionate Citizen – Briana Moreno

Leadership – Ariel Sanchez

Creative Thinker – Yvonne Moreira-Andrade

Problem Solver – Anthony Guillen

Collaborator – Elizabeth Facio

Academic Excellence – Surya Kamalabhavanam

Compassionate Citizen – Kacie Brooks

Leadership – Faith Wheelington





Creative Thinker – Jazmine Cordon

Problem Solver – Alex Apodaca

Virtual Leader – Joel Roy

Collaborator – Maddox McShane

Academic Excellence – Dianna Maldonado

Compassionate Citizen – Keily De La Cruz

Creative Thinker – Akshaya Lord

Problem Solver – Mia Castellanos

Collaborator – Miguelangel Peña

Academic Excellence – Vanessa Fonseca German

Compassionate Citizen – Leslie Balbuena & Eddie Flores Hernandez

Leadership – Andres Becerra



Creative Thinker – Kaede Martinez Castillo & Michelle Padilla Soto

Problem Solver – Sophia Page & Amos Martinez

Collaborator – Anthony Martinez & Drohan Lord

Academic Excellence – Zoe Blocher Rubin & Nickolette Trembly

Compassionate Citizen – Luna Galvan & Mickey Caceras

Leadership – Scottiee Adkins & Jackie Espinoza

Creative Thinker – David Holguin

Problem Solver – Johan Andrade

Collaborator – Genesis Ochoa

Academic Excellence – Jason Grace

Compassionate Citizen – Gerardo Rodriguez

Leadership – Karina Castañeda Carrera