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New Tardy Policy (January 3rd, 2022)

Tardy Policy

(begins January 3, 2021)

WHY do we need a tardy policy?

  • The behavior of being tardy has an adverse effect on the classroom environment and student learning. Accordingly, Carl Hayden believes punctuality is a learned skill that will serve students well as they strive for success in college, career, and life. Our schoolwide expectation is that students arrive to every class on time each day.
  • Habitual tardiness may result in parent/guardian notification and/or administrative action.

To WHOM does this policy apply?

  • Students arriving to any class after the final bell has rung.

WHAT is the consequence for arriving to class AFTER the final bell rings?

  • A fifteen-minute detention for EVERY class period tardy after the second one.

HOW will students be notified of a detention?

  • Advisory teachers receive a list of students and the number of detentions accumulated from the previous week. Every Tuesday, Advisory give a reminder card to each student on that list. Students must then serve the assigned number of detentions in the week they are notified.

WHEN are detentions served?

  • FIRST fifteen minutes of lunch every Tuesday – Friday, beginning January 4, 2022
  • You MUST have your CHHS ID
  • Late comers WILL be turned away, but MUST serve their detention(s) before the week’s end

WHERE is detention held?

  • Auditorium pod