• Law Related Studies 
    Law is a vital part of any society. It protects the integrity of any governing system, upholds the rights of the individual and allows the diverse populations of the United States to operate in an organized manner. The need becomes apparent for an increasing number of professionals in the law field who possess a solid understanding of the law and the role it plays in everyday life.
    This program is designed to develop in students an understanding of, and appreciation for, the rule of law in society and the role of citizens as active participants in the democratic process. An emphasis is placed on the development of basic skills, exploration of professional career opportunities and academic preparation for higher education. Students with interest in such fields as paralegal, legal secretary, law, court interpreting and criminalistics will find the classes enjoyable and challenging. Students have the unique opportunity to learn in an environment modeled after a courtroom from the Maricopa County Superior Court. It is designed as a working courtroom. A legal library is available to help in research projects. In addition to classroom activities such as mock trials, students are given the opportunity to explore various law-related careers through guest speakers and field trips. Other activities include serving as jurors for the Arizona State University Law College Practice Court and participating in a two-day mentor program with lawyers. An educational partnership with ASU’s Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law has been established. Its purpose is to provide assistance in staff and program development, along with student access to the ASU law library. Association with the Arizona Bar Foundation and the Maricopa County Bar Association provides personal contacts with lawyers, judges and other professionals in law-related fields. Students enrolled in the Center for Law-Related Studies gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the law, develop a sense of confidence and achieve characteristics of good citizens and leaders needed, in legal professions. “