• Performing Arts: Drama

    Every actor dreams of standing in the spotlight and listening to the applause of an audience. At South Mountain High School we make that dream a reality

    with high energy and excitement for the Performing Arts, taught by experienced teachers with state-of-the-art equipment. The Drama Magnet prepares students for entry into college Theatre Arts programs by providing four years of training modeled on the real world of professional theatre. Program As a Drama Magnet student, you will experience wide-ranging techniques, aesthetics, and literature of the theatre.

    The Theatre Arts curriculum includes:

    • Acting

    • Voice and Movement

    • Mime and Mask theatre

    • Improvisation

    • Directing

    • Stage Combat

    • Audition Techniques

    • Portfolio of Productions

    • Playwriting

    • Shakespeare

    • Musical Theatre

    • Costumes and Make-up

    • Technical Theatre

    Student performances are held in multiple venues including: Mainstage, Little Theatre, touring shows and even outdoors.


    • Guest artists

    • Computerized lighting system and moving lights

    • Digital Sound

    • Competitions—including the Utah Shakespeare festival

    • Field trips to see professional productions