Native American Education Program


    Phoenix Union's NAEP is funded by the federal Title VII Indian Education Program, Johnson O’Malley funds, and the district’s Dropout Prevention Program. It encourages Native students to stay in school, graduate, and succeed in their college and career endeavors.

    Through our native advisors and our specialist, we provide referral services, connect with students and their parents, and otherwise provide support to the 700 or so Natives attending our schools.

    We partner with several programs, including many services offered by the Native American Community Services Center (NACSC), the Maricopa Community Colleges (HOL, ACE), and others provided by the district itself.

    Native advisors regularly check student progress, monitor attendance and disciplinary referrals, call parents when issues arise, share information with students and parents, assist school staff with understanding cultural issues, and promote cultural and academic enrichment through sponsorship of events.

    We encourage participation of all Native students and their families in our activities.

    Title VII Johnson O’Malley Funding

    Johnson O’Malley (JOM) funds provide programs to meet the special educational needs of eligible JOM children and to make program funding available for allowable administrative and Indian Education Committee costs.

    Title VII of the Indian Education Act supports the efforts of school districts, Indian tribes, and organizations to meet unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian students so they can meet the same challenging state academic achievement standards as all other students.

    Programs are governed by a set of by-laws established by parent committees. In our district, the Indian Education Committee (JOM) and the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) are combined. More specifically, a PAC subcommittee advises JOM.

    While mainly supported by the district’s general education funds, PXU's Native American programs receive approximately $19,000 in Johnson O’Malley funds and approximately $129,000 in Title VII funds each year.

    The PAC has a wide area of advisory capability, including program planning, curriculum, and evaluation. However, the PAC’s responsibility does not extend into the realm of the school district. It remains advisory.

    Native American Education Program Staff

    Karen Cárdenas, Curriculum & Assessment Director
    Teaching & Learning, CEE

    Kelcie Franklin, Native American Specialist
    CEE – 3rd Floor
    Phone: (602)764-1350
    Email: kfranklin@PhoenixUnion.org
    Lance Sanchez, Native American Advisor
    Central, Linda Abril, Metro Tech, Phoenix Coding
    Phone: (602)764-7695     
    Email: lsanchez@phoenixunion.org

    Elvira Jenkins, Native American Advisor
    Bioscience, Camelback, Franklin, North, Wilson Prep
    Phone: (602)652-2566     
    Email: egarcia@phoenixunion.org
    Deanna Talayumptewa, Native American Advisor
    Carl Hayden, Cesar Chavez, PXU Digital, Betty Fairfax (assisting)
    Phone: (602)475-1512     
    Email: dtalayumptewa@phoenixunion.org
    Robert Quihuis, Native American Advisor
    Alhambra, Bostrom, Desiderata, Maryvale, Trevor Browne, South Mountain
    Phone: (602)568-3112     
    Email: rquihuis@phoenixunion.org

    Anna Blackwater, Native American Advisor
    Betty Fairfax & Cesar Chavez
    Phone: (520)610-4195