• Physical Education/Health Department


    Our mission is to empower our students to value and engage in life-long healthy lifestyles which will allow them to reach their fullest potential and assure that they become productive and responsible citizens. The learning standards for these course curriculum are based on the Arizona State Standards for Physical Education and Health Education.  Which allows students to have multiple opportunities to learn through planned and sequential instructional programs. 

    Individual Course Focus:

    Physical Education (boys and girls physical education, boys and girl’s weight training, fitness & sports):  Improves psychomotor skills, physical fitness, critical thinking, risk and safety factors, self-evaluation and wellness through a variety of sport activities.

    Physical Education Opportunity Program for Exceptional Learners (P.E.O.P.E.L): Designed for students who, due to physical, mental, social or emotional factors will benefit from and individualized developmental physical education program.

    Interscholastic Athletics:  Intended for students who wish to attain a higher degree of skill level in sports-related activities.

    Fitness and Sports:  Unique course that advances skill development of individual sports with an emphasis in rules, basic skills and strategy with an introductory weight training program.

    Health:  The Health Education Program is viewed as an integral part of a student’s academic learning and is a valuable component of a well-rounded education that is a requirement for graduation.  It also Promotes student’s awareness, higher level thinking and healthy decision making, which improves decision making and helps develop healthy, active citizens in society.