• James Arndt

    Principal at Camelback High School

    James Arndt

    James Arndt was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and has always known he wanted to give back to his community. After finishing his undergraduate degree in psychology and political science at the University of San Diego he returned home through Teach For America and began working as a Science Teacher in the Isaac School District in the Maryvale neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona.  James quickly grew to love his students, his job, and the families he was serving and also learned how the school can be the cornerstone of the community.  Whether it is academics, extra-curricular activities, social-emotional support, or just a safe space, the school, when operating effectively, is a cornerstone of a healthy community. This realization prompted James to earn a Master’s degree in education and then pursue a Doctorate of Education in Leadership so that he could realize the vision of a school as the beating heart of the community. When James was named Principal he made a commitment to service for the Camelback students and their families but also to be good neighbors and good partners to organizations and businesses that have a vested interest in the success of our schools. This commitment is just as strong today and he encourages any student, family member, or community member to reach out and “meet the new Principal”. We are in this together, we are stronger together, WE ARE THE SHIELD!