• Meet your Student Support Team


    Assistant Principal for Student Success: Ms. Julianna Contreras; jcontreras1@phoenixunion.org

    Behavioral Intervention Specialist: Mr. *Chris Hogan; hogan@phoenixunion.org

    Campus Safety Supervisor: Mr. Chris Franco

    Community Liaison: Ms. Suree Leyva; sleyva@phoenixunion.org

    Guidance Counseling Team Lead: Mr. Michael Morris- Team Lead' mmorris@phoenixunion.org Guidance Counseling Home

    Nurse and Nurse Health Assistant: Ms. Sharon Stephens, LPN;sstphens@phoenixunion.org;623-256-0278 and Ms. Clarissa Murrieta; cmurrieta@phoenixunion.org 602-764-3022 

    Psychologist: Mr. Ron Gorney, Ed.S NASP; rgorny@phoenixunion.org

    Social Workers: Ms. *Karina Hernandez, MSW; Office Line: 602-764-3065;Work cell:602-935-6017;Office Location S-133;khernandez@phoenixunion.organd and MS. *Jaxinta Shaffer, LCSW ; 602-341-3451, jshaffer@phoenixunion.org Schedule A Virtual Appointment With Me

    Sr. Office Assistant of Student Success: Ms. *Diana Hernandez; 602-764-3010, dhernandez1@phoenixunion.org

    Student Liaisons: Ms. *Jazmin Barron 602-764-3176; jbarron@phoenixunion.org 

    Student Prevention and Intervention Specialist

    Student Study Facilitator: Ms. Simone Nickolis; nickolis@phoenixunion.org

    Student Success Coordinator: Ms. Shaunna O'Dowd; sodowd@phoenixunion.org



    *Bilingual Spanish Speaker