• Databases
    Databases are online information resources purchased by PUHSD to help students find quality, reliable information to support their classroom learning. When working on PUHSD computers, there is automatic access to these online resources. Usernames and passwords are required when trying to access the resources remotely. Visit the Alhambra Library for all the login information required for remote access. 
       DATABASE / LINK                            DESCRIPTION 

    ABC-CLIO covers Social Studies, Geography, Government, History, Issues and Culture. Used for Social Studies textbook.

    Britannica School

    Britannica School has three reading levels for research information plus links to reviewed websites. Has an atlas and timeline, plus you can make your own timeline.

    Britannica Escolar

    Britannica Escolar offers the same resources in Spanish.
    Britannica ImageQuest has millions of rights-cleared images with citations from one trusted site. You have permission to use any images (with citations) found in ImageQuest in your academic work. 

    EBSCO online databases

    EBSCO Full-text coverage of hundreds of popular magazines, academic journals, reference books, primary sources, newspapers, and television and radio news transcripts. Research information for literature, health, history, pro/con topics, and much more. Tip: When searching in EBSCOhost choose Academic Search Premier as one of your selected databases.

    Gale Online REsources
    GALE includes GREENRInteractive ScienceGVRL, Literature Resource Center, Power Search, and Student Resources in Context.
    Gale In Context: Global Issues
    Global Issues in Context - supports global awareness and provides a global perspective while tying together a wealth of authoritative content, empowering learners to critically analyze and understand the most important issues of the modern world. Integrates news, global viewpoints, reference materials, country information, primary sources, videos, statistics, and more in a single search. 

    Gale In Context: Environmental Studies

    GALE Environmental Studies offers global reference on the environment, energy, and natural resources.

    Gale Interactive Science

    GALE ebooks
    GALE Virtual Reference Library gives you unlimited access to top reference eBooks.

    Gale Literature Resource Center

    GALE Literature Resource Center offers biography, criticism, and overviews on writers and specific works in all disciplines.
    Gale Power Search GALE Power Search is a one-search tool option for all of the Gale resources to deliver magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, books, videos, images and podcast content on the topic.
    Gale High School               
     GALE Student Resources in Context offers cross-curricular content aligned to national and state standards. Learners can access news content with images, broadcast videos, archival film clips, and audio from popular sources like the BBC News, New York Times and NPR.
     GALE Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) gives access to all the information and support materials needed to make informed, confident decisions to shape the rest of your life. Testing information for ACT, ASVAB, PSAT, SAT, AP (Advanced Placement), practical exams, and career tests.

    Infobase provides High School Plus Video Collection and Career & Technical Education Video Collection with award-winning digital reference content to schools and libraries. Search by standards for streaming video.

    Academic Video Online

    ProQuest Academic Video Online (AVON) has curated, discipline-focused, primary-source collections, websites, and streaming media for learning and research. Streaming video ranges from exclusive, must-have titles to what’s become the largest library-oriented video database in the world.


    ProQuest databases include SIRS Knowledge Source with trending Social Issues presented in Pro/Con viewpoints with critical thinking questions and timelines.



    Ferguson's Career Guidance Center: find careers, scholarships, video interviews, interest inventory and colleges

    Teen Health & Wellness

    Teen Health & Wellness is filled with information about teen issues including relationships, nutrition, green living, physical and mental health, links to hotlines.

    Visual Thesaurus

    Visual Thesaurus provides synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech in a fun, interactive web to help students increase vocabulary and improve writing.

    WBKids WBStudent WBAdvanced

    World Book Online Encyclopedia covers everything with access to three reading levels- Kids, Student, Advanced. Hundreds of thousands of easy-to-understand articles, captivating images, original videos, integrated primary sources, and eBooks. Plus seamless article translations in more than 100 other languages.


    World Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos is a Spanish database with hundreds of thousands of easy-to-understand articles, captivating images, original videos, integrated primary sources, and eBooks. 

    WB Timelines

    World Book Timelines has over 650 customizable timelines with personalization options. Create and save your own. Includes everything from World History to the Arts and Sciences.


    A YA library of books: ebooks and audiobooks