• Honors (29 separate year-long courses)

    Freshmen honors courses are: 

    English 1-2

    Integrated Math 1-2

    Methods of Scientific Inquiry 1-2 

    Spanish 1-2 or Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2. 

    Explorations in Art 1-2 (not honors)

    Health Fitness 1-2 (not honors)


    Due to the level of rigor, many students would challenge that the two other freshman courses: Art 1-2 and Health & Fitness 1-2 should also be worth honors credit though the PUHSD course catalog does not reflect this.


    Sophomore honors courses are:

    English 3-4

    Integrated Math 3-4

    World History/Geography 1-2

    Biology 1-2 & Chemistry 1-2

    Spanish 3-4 or Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4.


    All 10th-grade courses are taken at honors level.


    Junior honors classes are:

    English 5-6,

    Integrated Math 5-6,

    U.S. History 1-2,

    Spanish 5-6 or Spanish for Spanish Speakers 5-6, and either:

    Anatomy & Physiology 1-2/Introduction to Epidemiology 1-2 or Introduction to Engineering Design 1-2/Physics of Engineering 1-2.

    All 11th-grade courses are taken at honors level.

    Senior honors classes are:

    English 7-8,

    Integrated Math 7-8,

    U.S. Government 1/Economics 1,

    Sustainability 1-2,

    Bioscience Internship Research Experience 1-2,

    Physics of Engineering 3-4, Chemistry 3-4, or Science Seminar (Advanced Biology) 1-2.

    All senior courses are honors level.