Course Overview

    Fashion Design 1-2 (Junior Students)

    In this course students are introduced to the world of fashion by studying the following:

    • Careers in fashion 
    • Equipment used in the fashion industry
    • Prinicples and elements of design
    • Textiles & fabric selection 
    • Fashion illutrations 
    • History of fashion 
    • Wardrobe planning & Accesorizing 
    • Clothing construction 
    • Fashion show production 

    In addition, students will learn about professionalism, workplace employability skills, team building skills, and be exposed to industry opportunities.  


    Course Overview

    Fashion Design 3-4 (Senior Students)

    In this course students will advance further in thr world of fashion by studying the following:

    • Merchandising
    • Marketing 
    • Retail
    • Clothing construction
    • Fashion show production
    • Scholarships for fashion careers
    • Student portfolio 
    • Clothing sample 

    Students are expected to demonstrate advanced skills in the form of in-depth projects, student demonstrations, and leadership skills. The opportunity for industry internships, and on-the-job training exists. 


  • Ms. Hahn, Fashion Instructor