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    Recycle Club at the Phoenis Suns Game

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    WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER YEAR OF RECYCLING !!  Please be sure to keep updated by visiting this page on the newest events :)
    Community Event: We are having a community service event on Saturday March 19th from 8 am - 12 pm. We will be cleaning the alley behind Big B's of graffiti, debris and weeds. Please meet in the east parking lot at 8am if you want to help! See you there :) 
    All recycle club members please remember to put the carts back in the handball courts next to the cafeteria.  Also please remember to give teachers back their cans, some have come up missing recently.
    We need help! Please encourage your friends to join you!!
    Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping this world and Alhambra green and making a difference!! :)