• AHS Chess Club 2015
    Sponsor: Barry Wilder
    Contact Information: Wilder@phoenixunion.org
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: Every Thursday after school at room 4024
    Welcome to Alhambra High School Chess Club. 
    Some recommended content:
    • Club/Group Constitution: "Padum Blaum Paladum. Clean clean and clean. Clean up after yourself. If it is messy, clean it up....Sell sell sell....Sell candies raise money be a genius monkey." by Phung Tran 
    • Tax Credit Link: https://www.phoenixunion.org/Page/249
    • Purpose: 
    • Chess isn’t just about winning championships. It is about sharpening young minds to reach for their highest potential. It is about getting them ready for life as they emerge from their formative developmental years. We teach life skills as our players engage with concepts like anticipating and understanding the consequences of action, thinking before you move, respecting your opponent, and creating and executing a plan. We nurture a team and self consciousness that prepares us to overcome the prejudices and obstacles.

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