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    Public Service Video made by students 
    Alhambra High School
    Art Club
    2014-15 President: Sahvannah L. Marion  11 Grade
    Lead Sponsor: Mrs. Raygor-Yanez
    Contact Information: Rm. 7007  raygor-yanez@phoenixunion.org
    We would like to meet you!  Please come and see us!
    Art Club Committee Sponsors:  
    Textile Arts: Ms. Jacobs Rm. 7006 4 pm
    Drawing and Painting: Ms. Schuster, Ms. Yoder Rms. 7008, 7009
    Ceramics, 3 dimensional design and sculpture Rm. 7011
    Digital Photography, Computer Art, Web Design: Ms. Raygor-Yanez Rm. 7007 3 pm

    Are you interested in creating art?  Do you want a place to experiment with different art forms and media?  We offer a place and time for you to do that and to meet other students who also like to "get their hands dirty"!  We invite you to come to any of the rooms above for a chance to have fun, to experiment and to create from your imagination. 

    • Article I          Name: Art Club

      Article II         Purpose or mission:  The Art Club is to assemble all Alhambra High School art students, faculty and art enthusiasts for artistic development and promoting the arts through a variety of art-making activities, gallery visits, art shows and art-making trips.

      The Fine Arts Club is a hands-on, active club in which students display their artistic ability through diverse projects that they do throughout the year.

      It assembles all interested students, faculty and parents for artistic development and promoting the arts, through guest speakers, gallery visits, art shows and more.

      We hope to bring diverse and sound art view points to Alhambra High School.

      We, also, offer a means of communication between the art students, teachers and the community through awareness of area arts events, drawing together our arts community.

      We offer a safe social gathering for students interested in art creation, art history and constructive criticism in a variety of media.

      For incoming freshmen, we offer guidance in choosing art subjects, themes and composition through peer mentors.

      It is an open to personal and group artworks. Supplies are available along with “make it and take it” activities to learn about new mediums and to exchange skills.

      We would like to take some field trips to museums, art studios and locations for creating art, such as the Phoenix Zoo.

      We would like to accept salvaged art supplies from donations by the community where students could find old canvas, brushes, clay, scrap paper, frames, wood, wire, scrap material, photos, etc. as well as some bought supplies.

                              The Art Club is sanctioned by Student Government and therefore acts on the principles of freedoms and responsibility within a democratic government.

      Article III       Membership. The Art Club is for anyone grade 9-12, their teachers and their parents who are interested in trying a wide array of small artistic projects including painting, photography, ceramics and 3- dimensional crafts as well as visiting galleries, museums and trying “on location” art such as drawing at the zoo.

      The Art Club is designed for students interested in making art who don’t usually have time, materials or the incentive of being in art class to do it.

      Article IV       Officers and Terms:  President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  Terms will be for one school year. If the officer is unable to fulfill the requirements of office for the remainder of the term, an emergency election will be held among remaining members to elect an officer to serve the remaining term. If the officer is only temporarily unable to serve, the other officers and or a volunteer from the membership will step in to substitute in the duties and responsibilities of the excused officer.

      Article V        Election of New Officers    After suggestions are taken by a nominating committee (the officers remaining from the previous year), potential candidates are interviewed for agreement with the mission of the club and the duties of the officers. The slate is then set forth to the members for vote.

                              In the case that there are not enough members to vote, the leadership will be done by volunteers until such time the membership can vote. Officers are the contact for members to have their absences excused. Three unexcused months of absences may cause a member to be dropped from the membership roll sheet.

                              Officers include president (Pres.), vice president (VP), secretary/treasurer (S/T).

                              All committees report to the President. As such the Pres. also accepts suggestions for activities the club would like to do including but not limited to membership drives and fundraising events. The Pres. presides over every business meeting, calling the meetings to order and granting permission to the members to speak in regards to any motions. The Pres. works with the vice president and the sponsor to form an agenda for the business and activity meetings.  

      The vice president stands in for the president if he or she is absent.

       Therefore the vice president helps at every meeting and confers with the president in regards to activities the group will take part in. The vice president also counts votes and takes roll of all active members, guarding that only members who have paid their dues are voting. The vice president is also in charge of contacting members and making fliers, posters and in any other way advertising the club’s activities to the school during membership drives, and to the membership at other times.

      Secretary/Treasurer records all agenda items motions and votes held by the club using the standard minutes form. The S/T also issues membership cards upon payment of dues. The S/T checks to make sure the president and vice president have paid their dues. The S/T  works with the sponsor to make sure that the monies collected and or paid out are done so in accordance with the Phoenix Union High School District Handbook for Sponsors. The S/T also works with the president and vice president in setting a budget for the club. The S/T fills or helps with the duties of the president and VP when there is an absence.

      Article VI       Committees. In the event that there are enough members to allow for committees, the committees will include: social events, art activities, field trips, refreshments, nominating committee and any other committee which may be formed as needed to accomplish the club mission and or purpose.

      Article VII     Depositing of funds: “All funds received by the Fine Arts Club should be deposited in and expended from the Alhambra High School Bookstore in accordance with the Phoenix Union High School District Handbook for Sponsors.”

      Article VIII    Sponsor/Custodian is a certified Art teacher and any other teacher who wishes to present, try, or chaperone the club activities or trips.

      Article IX       Meetings   Flexible meetings dates of twice a month will allow for field trips and business meetings.  Business meetings will be held once each term.  Meetings otherwise will be held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, unless there is a holiday when the meeting will be moved to the closest available Tuesday. The meetings will be held after school from 3:10 to 5:00 unless the activity is a field trip, in which case the time and date will be changed to accommodate the travel and the event.

                              The Art Club and its members sincerely hope that all interested students listen to the daily announcements and read the hallway fliers for information about our meetings and activities so they may plan to attend.

      Article X        Amendments            Changes to the standing constitution will be made upon recommendation by the officers to the sponsor, placed on the agenda, discussed and then put to a vote by the active membership at the following regular business meeting. 

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    Letter to the  Manager of the Food City Grocery Store                              October 26, 2007

    Dear Manager,

    Thank you for the use of Food City’s cart to be the base of our float for the Alhambra High School Homecoming Parade.  As you see in the photo, the idea for the float changed from car to lion.

    Here are two of the seven students who helped to make the float, Miguel Miranda (right) and Terrence Echols (left). Leo the Alhambra lion smiles in the center. He is made entirely of painted cardboard and brads.  He won first prize for floats! Jordon Berry, Fabiola Esquivel, Reyes Espinoza, and I did a lion’s share of the work cutting and painting.   Joyce Sanchez and Adriana Mancera walked with the float.

    Because “Leo” won first prize, the art club is receiving some special funding for additional art supplies. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help.

    Thank you again!

    Go Lions! Go Food City!


    Marley Cullen


    Alhambra High School Art Club