• Welcome to the 2023-2024 Junior Experience


    Bioscience Mision* Statement:

    BHS provides a rigorous, collaborative, and relevant academic program emphasizing an innovative, problem-based curriculum that develops literacy  in the sciences, mathematics, and the arts, thus cultivating critical thinkers, creative  problem-solvers, and compassionate citizens, who are able to thrive in our increasingly complex and technological communities.

    *Mision = mission + vision 



    Junior Contact Information


Junior Contact Information



    Junior Year Long Essential Question

    How can I responsibly engage in society to have a positive effect on our complex world?


    Other Questions About the Junior Year? 

           Take a look at this Open House slide show and our Plan For Success


    Junior Anchor Texts 



    Evidence Based Reporting

    Junior Team Philosophy  

    We are looking for students to become  proficient in their learning over the course of the entire year! Students will have many opportunities to practice skills and thinking prior to an assessment, and will be provided with regular feedback so they know how to grow or how to move beyond their current place. 


    Advanced/Honors level work means that students are using what they've learned to go at least one step further; form an opinion, make an inference or prediction, explain importance, or make connections to their life. In an assessment we will always look for them to make an idea their own and to show more than an understanding of what someone said or meant. We’ll consistently ask for depth of understanding, going beyond knowing something to knowing its importance. We’ll consistently ask for them to grow as a learner - to show that they added to their level of knowledge and skills regardless of their starting point. Learner growth is as important to their journey as an Honors student as the accumulation of knowledge and skills.


    Regardless of the class, all students will be assessed on their Learner Mindset… I demonstrate proactive learning habits by incorporating instruction and feedback in my preparation and practice and consistently participate in learning events in order to grow as a collaborator, reader, writer, speaker, & listener.


     To learn more about Evidence Based Reporting practices, check out these video playlist linked below made by our very own staff! 



    Our Ask of You...  

    Junior year is about students taking initiative, asking questions, and creating a path for their own learning. 


    We ask that families support their students’ academic success, mental, and physical health throughout this year by allowing them time and space to complete academic responsibilities. We have found that students who don’t have time to focus on academics outside of school carry more stress with them. 


    Time and space for academics will help your students stay on the path to success.

    Thank you for your ongoing support!