• Strategic Plan: 10 Commitments

    Phoenix Union's Strategic Plan is research-based, utilizing findings from the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) at Harvard University. This research can be found here: Link to PELP Coherence Framework research

  • A: Achieving Readiness in College, Career, and Life

    Develop structures and supports that foster student learning and leadership

    Commitments 1-5

    Graduation CapCommitment 1:

    College, Career and Life Ready Graduates

    Consistently produce college, career and life-ready graduates

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 1

  • Chair and DeskCommitment 2:

    Quality Seats for All Students 

    Guarantee quality seats in every classroom that drive high levels of student achievement for all students, no exceptions 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 2

  • LeavesCommitment 3: 

    Freshman Success

    Improve student transition to high school and increase freshman connectedness, credit currency, agency and performance 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 3

  • Leaves in heartCommitment 4:

    Student Wellness and Connectedness 

    Improve student health and wellness, improve student attendance and connectedness, and ensure that historically marginalized and underserved students are successful 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 4

  • Heart in Shield Commitment 5: 

    Campus and Community Safety 

    Improve student behavior, student decision-making, and foster a safe, thriving learning and working environment

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 5

  • B: Building a Strong School Community 

    Strengthen the knowledge, skills, and relationships within school communities to support student achievement 

    Commitments 6-8

    Flower in HeartCommitment 6: 

    Staff Wellness and Support

    Improve staff wellness and support to drive staff success

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 6

  • A torchCommitment 7:

    Effective Leadership

    Lead and sustain the vision, values, strategic plan, and PXU promise 



  • Theory of Change: Commitment 7

  • House with heartCommitment 8:

    Family & Community Support and Engagement 

    Authentically engage and empower the community and meet the growing needs of parents and families 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 8

  • C: Creating a Culture of Excellence

    Build systems and processes and improve the customer experience to foster academic, personal, and professional excellence

    Commitment 9

    BuildingCommitment 9:

    District Effectiveness, Efficiency, Service

    Provide proper support and service to schools and communities, efficient and ethical stewardship of taxpayer dollars and progressive education innovation and entrepreneurship 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 9

  • D: Developing an Innovative Portfolio of Schools

    Improve, transform, and expand innovative school models to meet the needs of all learners, and stay relevant in a choice-rich environment

    Commitment 10

    Multiple buildingsCommitment 10:

    Progressive Portfolio

    Challenge and disrupt old educational paradigms, and create new educational models to meet the complex needs of all learners 

  • Theory of Change: Commitment 10

Core Values