• Return to Work Announcements

    We hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating summer break!  We are excited to begin the 2021-2022 school year and want to share these important updates. 

    As you may be aware, there have been recent changes to guidance from the State of Arizona and the CDC regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols.  With increased knowledge of the virus and increased access to the COVID-19 vaccine, all state and national updates have been focused on easing health and safety protocols and increasing self-monitoring and individual’s discretion.  Further, we have worked diligently to make vaccines available to all PXU staff and students throughout the summer.  A flyer regarding student vaccination opportunities is included. 

    As a result, and effective immediately, PXU’s health and safety protocols will be updated as follows:

    Per the recent Governor's Executive Order 2021-15Protecting Student Access to Public Higher Education, face masks will be optional and no longer required for students, staff, parents, and community.

    Administrators, teachers, and staff may not:

    • Require students and/or colleagues to wear a face mask
    • Per HIPAA, ask students and/or colleagues if they have received the COVID-19 vaccine
    • Per CDC guidelines, persons with certain health conditions and those not vaccinated are encouraged to wear face masks. 
    • We request students, parents, and visitors to review daily health screening questions at home prior to entering a PXU site. 
      • Based on the answers to the questions, please determine if it is appropriate to enter. 
    • We request staff to review the attached COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Questions at home prior to reporting to work.
      • Based on the answers to the questions, please determine if it is appropriate to enter.
    • All students, staff, parents, and visitors will practice physical distancing to the extent possible. 
    • All classrooms, common spaces, office spaces, and buses will support physical distancing to the extent possible.   
    • Teachers and staff may arrange desks for cooperative learning and are asked to physically distance desks to the extent possible. 

    As we transition back to full in-person learning for all students, we will begin to integrate more in-person meetings in our daily routines, offering us the opportunity to use a mixture of in-person and virtual gatherings to meet our goals and maximize our time together.  Staff will be required to attend meetings in the manner coordinated by their administrative team.

    Finally, we would like to remind you of a few important items that changed over the course of the past few months and will remain in place for the new school year:

    • FFCRA is no longer available. Therefore, staff who need to take time off for illness and/or quarantine due to COVID-19 must follow the current professional agreement language which requires use of personal time (or vacation time for 12-month employees).
    • Telecommuting or working from home is no longer permitted.
    • To assist with contact tracing, staff may voluntarily notify the Talent Division if they have been vaccinated by completing the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Form through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal https://ivisions.phoenixunion.org/ess  Note:  The ESS portal is only accessible on the PXU network.

    We understand there may be individual exceptions that relate to the new health and safety protocols.  For specific inquiries, please speak with your supervisor and follow up with our Talent Division, as appropriate.