• MOCK  scales of justice   TRIAL


    Teacher Coach- Mike Dillon, Dillon@PhoenixUnion.org

    Attorney Coach- Stephanie Ehrbright, Attorney@PhoenixLawFirm.com

    Attorney Coach- Gregory Navazo, Gregory.Navazo@old.maricopa.gov

    Assistant Coach- Rebeca Gutierrez, Rebeca@PhoenixLawFirm.com
    (Metro Tech Class of 2012)             

     Metro Tech’s Mock Trial Program website: www.MetroTechPhoenix.com

    Meetings Thursdays @ lunch in Mr. Dillon’s room, classroom 6104

    The Arizona High School Mock Trial Program teaches high school students about the law and the legal system by
    participating in a simulated trial.  The program is an opportunity for students to learn about the law and the legal system from practicing attorneys, who share their experience with the law and their legal skills. 

    As participants, the students play the role of attorneys and witnesses in a fictitious case.   Metro Tech’s Mock Trial Program is a positive academic experience that gives students an opportunity to improve their speaking, writing, reading, and analytical skills while learning about the judicial system. 

    Meetings are held during lunch every Thursday in Mr. Dillon’s classroom 6104 across from the weight room.  At the beginning of  the school year students will learn the process of a trial and how to play the role of an attorney in that trial.  In November, the mock case materials will be released and students will begin to prepare and practice their roles in anticipation of the Regional Competition that will be held in March at the Superior Court Complex in Downtown Phoenix.   From there, winning teams proceed on to compete at the State and National competitions.
    Stop by Mr. Dillon's classroom any Thursday during lunch if you think you might be interested or email Mr. Dillon or one of the two Attorney Coaches for more information.