Phoenix Union Gifted & Talented Academy

    Growing Hearts, Growing Mind

    Global Mindset • Conscious Constructivist • Ethic of Care • Self-empowerment


    Maryvale's Gifted and Talented Academy is dedicated to supporting gifted learners to excel academically and grow holistically.  Our unique curriculum is designed especially for gifted learners.  We support not only gifted students' learning aptitude and habits, but also their social-emotional health.  Our creative approach to gifted education is setting in motion a new future for urban gifted students.


    Inspiring and supporting the urban gifted student through holistic education to unfold their potential as unique and whole beings in an interconnected world​


    A self-empowdered community of learners who, for the betterment of the world, approach life with a global mindset and an ethis of care. 

    Questions?  Please email Dr. Singh  rsingh@phoenixunion.org

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    Graduation information 2022