• Reading Department
    Instructional Leader: Sarah Ivankovich
    Email: Sarah Ivankovich

    The READING FUNDAMENTALS program and the STRATEGIC READING program (10th – 12th grades) are designed to teach students the Arizona State Standards for Language Arts so students will become critical and lifelong readers.  Students will develop skills to become strategic readers in all content areas. 

    In this course, students will increase their vocabulary, improve their spelling, reading fluency, and comprehension skills that will help them increase their learning in all subject areas. 

    This year, we will be using AVID strategies at Chavez, with all freshmen.  AVID is a program that teaches students important skills, for example, organization, critical thinking and note-taking.  Using AVID strategies, students can achieve success in high school and future success in college. 

    The Read 180 (Reading Fundamentals) program is 2 periods long (students receive one credit per semester) while the Strategic Reading program is one period long (students receive 0.5 credits per semester) and both include the following segments: 


    Whole group instruction

     Small-group instruction

     The READ 180 software program

     Independent reading

     A whole-group wrap-upTeachers: