Cesar Chavez Softball 2017

     Schedule with Results: Varsity Schedule

    Mission Statement:

    The Champion softball program will be successful as much as our athletes apply the understanding that individual academic excellence precedes our success as a team on the field. In striving toward individual and team goals, Champion softball players will exhibit a positive, productive attitude, diligence, dedication and sportsmanship at all times; pursuing victory with honor means that we will focus on being trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and good citizens.


    Program Goals:

    ·       To promote individual academic excellence and dedication to Champion softball

    ·       To demonstrate sportsmanship, pursuing victory with honor

    ·       To prepare every varsity student-athlete for college readiness by meeting NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse requirements while developing fundamentally sound softball skills

    ·       To facilitate the transition of our varsity student-athletes to college by communicating with college coaches

     No Pass / No Play

    No Pass / No Play regulations require students to earn passing grades in all classes in which they are enrolled. Grade checks are conducted every week. Students who receive failing grades are ineligible to participate in athletics until they are passing all their classes.






  • Varsity Schedule

    Feb 22 9:00am Kick off Classic- 2 Agua Fria High School Invitational
    Feb 23  1:00pm Barry Goldwater Bulldogs Agua Fria High School Invitational
    Feb 23  4:00pm Buckeye Union Hawks Agua Fria High School Invitational
    Feb 24 1:00pm Prescott Badgers Agua Fria High School Invitational

    Feb 22 4:00pm @Betty H. Fairfax Stampede Betty H. Fairfax High School Freedom

    Feb 27 3:45pm @Valley Vista Monsoon Valley Vista High School Freedom 

    Mar 01 3:45pm @Boulder Creek Jaguars Boulder Creek High School Freedom

    Mar 08 4:00pm vsMountain Ridge Mountain Lions Cesar Chavez High School Freedom

    Mar 10 4:00pm vsCarl Hayden Falcons Cesar Chavez High School Freedom

    Mar 15 2:00pm 1st Annual Youngker Roughrider softball Classic Youngker High School Invitational  

    Mar 21 4:00pm vsCamelbackSpartans Cesar Chavez High School Freedom

    Mar 24 4:00pm @South Mountain Jaguars South Mountain High School Freedom

    Mar 28 4:00pm vsSandra Day O'Connor Eagles Cesar Chavez High School Freedom

    Mar 30 4:00pm vsCentral Bobcats Cesar Chavez High School Region 

    Mar 31 3:45pm @Central Bobcats Central High  School Region

    Apr 04 4:00pm @Maryvale Panthers Maryvale High School Region

    Apr 06  4:00pm vsMaryvale Panthers Cesar Chavez High School Region

    Apr 07 6:00pm vsTrevor G. Browne Bruins Cesar Chavez High School Region

    Apr 11 4:00pm @Trevor G. Browne Bruins Trevor G. Browne High School Region

    Apr 13 3:45pm @North Mustangs North High School Region

    Apr 18 6:00pm vsNorth Mustangs Cesar Chavez High School Region

    Apr 20 6:00pm @Alhambra Lions Alhambra High School Region

    Apr 21 6:00pm vsAlhambra Lions Cesar Chavez High School Region

  • Coaching Staff

    Head Varsity Coach: Robert Shorts

    Email: shorts@phoenixunion.org

    Coach Shorts





    Assistant Coach: Manny Acosta

    Assistant Coach: Carlos Aguilar



    JV Coach:Aviana Dominguez

    JV Coach



    Freshman Coach: Hope Sniff  & Bryan Sniff

    Email: sniff@phoenixunion.org  

     Frosh Coaches

    Phone Number: 602.764.4000