Clubs & Groups


2023-2024 Club List

Name Sponsor When Where
Basketball (Girls) Hernandez / Fraga Monthly Room 1119
Best Buddies Bahler / Bobo / Thompson Every other Friday (during Advisory) Student Union
Black Student Union (BSU) Jackson / Smith / Davis (Shalonda) / Turner Wednesdays (during lunch) Room 1218
Chess Ross Tuesdays & Thursdays (during lunch) Room 2279
Cross Country Club (Boys) Parra / Snyder Monthly (during lunch) Room 9225
Cyborg Club Coe / Renning Fridays (after school) Room 6031
Dance Stanis Tuesdays & Thursdays (during lunch) Room 1515
FBLA May / Engelhorn / Herrera Weekly Room 2048 / 2205
Film Club Marquis Varies Room 8111
French Club Preston / Cortes Delgadillo Thursdays Room 2279
Fruity Pebbles (Gender Sexuality Alliance) Orduno / Ramos / Lantry Every other Monday (during lunch) Room 2273
Helping Hands Girma Monthly (during lunch) Room 9209
Hiking Levine Varies Varies
Hope Club Bunstein Wednesdays bi-monthly Room 1113
Indoor Walking Club Davis (Shalonda) Mon, Wed, Fri (during lunch) Room 8211
Knight Readers Book Club Pelotte / Mireles Monthly Library
Math Club (Mu Alpha Theta) Parra / Girma Every other Wednesday (during lunch) Room 9225
MEChA Parra Every other Thursday, (during lunch) Varies
Metro Makers Hahn / Lopez / Coleman / Lantry / O'Meara Varies Varies
Military History Club Cornelius (Scott) / Estes Wednesdays (during lunch) Room 8225
Modeling Ramos (Violeta) Wednesdays (after school) Room 2273
Mural Club Arenas Fridays (during lunch) Room 8219
National Honor Society Carlson Monthly Room 9223
Physics Club Miller (Jonathan) / Henry Varies Varies
Robotics Carlson / Ross Wednesdays (after school) Room 5106
Rock Band Santa Cruz Friday (after school) Room 7201
Science Club Kelly 1st and 3rd Thursdays (during lunch) Room 1302
Soccer Club (Boys) Parra / Nava Montlhly (during lunch) Room 9225
Softball Irvine / Gatewood Varies Varies
Student Government Gatewood Period 9 Room 9003
Sustainability (Recycling) Club McGraw / Celphas-Schulz Fridays (during lunch) Room 9228
Table-Top Gaming Club King / Mainieri / Arenas Varies Varies
Tennis Club May Varies Varies
Theatre Club Agnew Varies Room 1501
Volleyball (Girls) Heckler Varies Varies
Weightlifting Camacho / Smith / Quezada / King / Tamayo Daily during lunch and afterschool Room 6106
Yearbook Club Renning Varies Room 4107