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    Dear PXU community,

    Thank you for your support and trust in the Phoenix Union High School District. As you know, safety is our number one priority and a shared responsibility. In an effort to enhance safety measures that protect our staff, students, families, and the broader community, we adopted clear protocols for attendance, bags, and the overall fan experience. Beginning Friday, August 25, 2023, PXU instituted a clear bag protocol. PXU adopted this protocol to enhance public safety at our venues and provide a great game day experience by making our sports complexes more accessible while providing added security measures at our events.

    PXU-branded clear bags are available for purchase at https://stores.inksoft.com/PXU/shop/home. Each purchase includes a small donation to the Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Scholarship Fund.

    Below are details about our game management. If you have any questions, please contact our District's athletics office at (602) 764-1334.

    PXU Game Management

    Practices, Procedures and Policies

    • Non-high school-aged minors must be accompanied by a parent and must remain with parent during the game
    • High school students must have School IDs for entrance; sites have the discretion to restrict access to only students from the site and the visiting team high school students, depending on a given game or site
    • Young adults wishing to enter a game unaccompanied by a parent are required to show ID, verifying that they are over the age of 18 and not a high school student
    • Tickets sales will cease to be sold and entry into the game will end after half or two-thirds of the contest has been completed
    • There will be no reentry into a game once a spectator has left the event
    • No animals shall be permitted on any PXU school premises, except for designated service animals

    Prohibited Behavior Policies

    • No outside food or drinks are permitted into the game, with the exception of a sealed bottles of water
    • Use of tobacco products are not permitted on any PXU campus
    • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on any PXU campus
    • Use of marijuana products are not permitted on any PXU campus
    • Throwing anything from the bleachers is not permitted.
    • Fighting of any kind is not permitted on any PXU campus
    • All abusive and profane language is prohibited
    • Individual horns, musical instruments, or noisemakers are prohibited for indoor and outdoor activities (per AIA)

    Game Management Protocols

    • PXU sites will permit only clear tote bags, zip lock bags and small clutch bags while restricting non-clear backpacks, tote bags, cinch bags, camera bags, diaper bags and purses from entry into a game
    • Signage will be posted throughout the entrances/exits and within the facility to clearly communicate practices, procedures and policies for each site
    • Sites may utilize designated Home and Visitor ticket sales entry/exit areas and/or designated Home/Visitor seating, concessions, and restroom access, based on the facility layout, anticipated number of spectators, and other factors, such as historical rivalries, play-offs, etc.
    • Home and visiting teams will be directed to exit the playing field or court on opposite sides the facility at halftime and conclusion of the contest
    • Loitering in the parking lot before, during and after a game is not permitted at any PXU site, anyone not intending to promptly enter the game will be asked to leave
    • Emergency Response and Evacuation Plans will be reviewed with all home Management Workers and Coaching Staff as well shared with AIA officials, visiting team Athletic Director, Coaching Staff, Security and Athletic Trainer

    The following items are prohibited inside PXU athletic complexes and are causes for removal.

    • Soft or hard sided coolers, ice chests
    • Glass or metal containers
    • Outside beverages (sealed water bottles are allowed)
    • Balloons
    • Use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes/tobacco
    • Backpacks, bags, and other similar bags
    • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, longboards
    • Sticks, poles, or similar objects that can be used as a weapon
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Fireworks, drones, or laser pointers
    • Artificial noisemakers (example: air horns, thunderstix, musical instruments, cans filled with contents, whistles, cow bells, or any other item used to make artificial noise)
    • Pets/animals
    • Chairs or stools

    *Please note that this list is not inclusive, as other items may not be allowed
    Only the following items will be permitted upon entrance into PXU athletics venues.

    • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC
    • One-Gallon clear plastic freezer bag (ziploc bag or similar)
    • Small clutch bags with or without a handle or strap (does not have to be clear)
    • Medically necessary items after proper inspection
    • Factory sealed water bottles
    • Hand sanitizer 3 oz or less
    • Empty non-disposable plastic water bottles
    • Service animals

    These protocol align with the efforts of professional sports teams, Arizona State University, Mesa Public Schools, the Tempe Union High School District, and many other entities to provide safe spaces for spectators to enjoy sporting events in person.

    We are excited to partner with you to keep our athletic events safe and look forward to seeing you at our sporting events soon.


    Dr. Zachary Muñoz

    PXU Director for Student Connectedness