• Gifted Services

    "It is not enough to have a good mind - the main thing is to use it well." – Descartes

    Facilitator: Mr. Ryan Adney

    Phone: (602)764-6022

    Email: adney@phoenixunion.org

    Course Statement: 

    The gifted curriculum covers a variety of areas including:
    independent study projects
    whole-class studies
    seminar discussion
    cognitive skill refinement
    A focus on growth mindset
    creativity development
    and a host of activities customized to serve the unique needs of each student and class configuration.
    Find your passion and don't give up easily
    colors and solutions
    Bringing it all together
    Thoughts from Alhambra's great minds 
    "Can you believe this? I was once trying to reach the horizon and when I did, I saw a sign saying there were another nine horizons. Man, it took forever to get to the ninth one, and I knew that my life will be boundless the moment I looked up and saw some thousands horizons above."
    "Telling anyone what to do while not seeing that they’re fitting perfectly with their environment is proof that you haven’t taken enough biology."
    "I don’t need answer for everything as long as I can come up with a question."
    "Talented people make the possible look rather easy, but ambitious people make the possible run in shame"
    "Sometimes the beauty of an object can only be seen from the inside."
    "Your face tells me a lot more than you have ever told anyone before."
    "There is a whole world inside your mind" 

     Jazmin Herrada - 2016
     Written by an Arizona State Chess Champion, Tin Phan, still unbroken to this day! email solutions to cjones4@pheonixunion.org
    Other Programs at Alhambra designed to provide additional
    challenge for exceptional students include: 
    Academic Decathlon
    Alhambra S.T.E.A.M.
    Advance Placement Classes
    Alhambra Robotics
    Honors Classes (for most subject areas)
    pure creativity within without