• Medical Arts Magnet Department

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    Welcome to Alhambra's Medical Arts Magnet Department! The Medical Magnet exists to help students who are interested in a career in the Medical field by exposing them to the requirements of the field of medicine they are interested in. These include the amount of education needed, the schools which offer this education, and the kinds of classes which should be taken in high school to prepare for education after high school. Technical and professional schools have cooperated in developing curriculums that will prepare students for their respective schools. Field trips and speakers are provided to give students first-hand experience with schools, professions, and duties performed by Medical professionals.

    Academic Strands 

    Medical Arts students will be able to select one of the following strands that they are most interested in:

    Sports Medicine Strand

    This strand is for students interested in a hands-on approach to diagnosing various injuries sustained primarily but not exclusively in athletics. Osteopathic Surgeons, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, personal trainers, and all fields of medicine can participate in this class. 

    Professional Strand

    This strand is for students who are interested in one of the technical careers, like X-ray technician, Respiratory Therapist, Cardiology Technician, or any of the other related technical fields. This strand is also for students pursuing professions in the  Physician, Veterinarian, Dentist, Pharmacist, or Nursing fields of study. 

    Nursing Strand

    This strand is for students interested in earning their certificate as a Certified Nursing Assistant. This is a two-year program where students who have been a part of Alhambra's Medical Magnet program since their freshman year can apply. Any student interested in entering the workforce as a nurse or going to school to pursue a degree in nursing is encouraged to apply.  


    Instructional Leader/Medical Arts Magnet Manager- Arsenio Manuel

    Phone#: 602-764- 6000, EXT: 46359

    Email: amanuel@phoenixunion.org 



    Sports Medicine: Amanda Wilson

    Professional Strand: Arsenio Manuel and Cathy Barker

    Nursing Strand: Gwendolyn Craven

    Medical Anatomy and Physiology: James Walliser

    Introduction to Medical Arts: Samantha Flynn