• Dear Prospective Students,

    Phoenix Educator Preparatory (PEP) is a specialty school within the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) and admission into PEP may be competitive. Therefore, we use written response and interview activities as part of the open enrollment process. Interested students / families should follow the 3 steps below to apply for admission to Phoenix Educator Preparatory.

    Application Process:

    • STEP 1: Students fill out the written response portion of our student application.
      • Students can apply directly online or can download/fill out/submit a paper application.
      • Parents/guardians will need to complete a signature portion as part of the submission process; an electronic signature option is available.
      • *Written responses completed by parents will not be considered; students are required to enter/submit their own responses.
    • STEP 2: Once we receive the online or paper written response portion of the student application, we will reach out to students/guardians to schedule the student interview.
      • Interviews can be held in person or online, and parents/guardians must attend.
      • Download our paper student application to preview interview questions.
      • *Copies of current transcripts and attendance history must be provided during the interview process; can bring with you for in-person interviews or upload/email prior to online interviews: phxedprep@phoenixunion.org
    • STEP 3: Once students complete the written response and interview processes in Steps 1 and 2 above, parents/guardians can fill out the PXU enrollment documents to finalize admissions.
      • All PXU enrollment documents are located on our site by enrollment year.
      • Once all completed documents are received, letters of acceptance will be mailed home, and students and parents/guardians will be required to attend a student/family orientation in the spring of 2024 - dates coming soon.

    Download our paper application to see instructions and deadlines for the student application process. If you need additional information or assistance, please call us at (602) 764-1051. This application process is designed to ensure that applicants to PEP understand our program, are committed to academics, and have an interest in education/community-related fields.

    Students who properly complete the application process will be considered for admission to Phoenix Educator Preparatory. *Admission is not on a first-come-first-served basis - all 3 steps of our application process must be completed by all identified deadlines to be considered.

    To apply, select a school year from our menu on this page. We can't wait to meet you!