• LAEA's Dress Code

    as followed by the district dress code

    Phoenix Union recognizes that each student’s mode of dress and appearance is a manifestation of personal style and individual preference. We will not interfere with the right of students and their parents to make decisions regarding their appearance except when their choices affect the educational program of the school or the health and safety of others.


    Students Must Wear:

    • Bottoms
    • Clothing that covers private body parts [genitals, buttocks, chest or nipples, and navels (belly button)] with non-see-through materials
    • School IDs
    • Shoes, must have hard soles
    • Tops

    Students May Wear:

    • Clothing with images/logos that adhere to dress code guidelines
    • Dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, sweatpants
    • Fitted or tight pants including skinny jeans, non-seethrough leggings or yoga pants
    • Hats and any other head coverings that allow the face and ears to be visible to school staff and Hoodie sweatshirts (no hoods worn on head in class)
    • Religious headwear and other religious head/face coverings
    • Ripped jeans, as long as underwear is not exposed
    • Strapless/sleeveless tops or dresses, if worn under a non-see-through garment
    • Tank tops, including tops with spaghetti straps and/or off
      the shoulder sleeves

    Students Cannot Wear:

    • Gang identifying clothing or tattoos
    • Hate speech, profanity, nudity or pornography
    • Images or language depicting alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia (or any illegal item or activity)
    • Pajamas, slippers, or house shoes *except on approved spirit days and footwear must have hard soles*
    • Violent images or language
    • Visible underwear (waistbands or straps on undergarments worn under clothing are allowed)