• Parent Update

    November 30, 2021

    Dear Cesar Chavez High School Families,
    We want to extend our gratitude to our students and staff who made today a safe and successful day to learn and grow on campus. 
    We send this message to update you on our safety measures in the coming days.  First, backpacks will be allowed again on campus tomorrow.  
    Additional safety measures will continue to be followed for the next few days.  These include:
    -limited entry/exit points on campus
    -Presence of local authorities
    -Limited bathroom passes
    -Food deliveries will not be accepted
    Thank you to those who attended our parent forum earlier this evening. Your cooperation is appreciated and we will work together to continue making Cesar Chavez High School a safe place for all who call it home.
    Thank you again for your continued trust and support. 

    Estimadas familias de Cesar Chavez High School,

    Queremos agradecer a nuestros estudiantes y personal que hicieron de hoy un día seguro y exitoso para aprender y crecer en el plantel.

    Enviamos este mensaje para actualizarles sobre nuestras medidas de seguridad en los próximos días. Primero que nada, mañana se permitirán mochilas de nuevo en la escuela.

    Se seguirán aplicando medidas de seguridad adicionales durante los próximos días. Éstas incluyen:

    -Puntos de entrada y salida ilimitados en el plantel;

    -Presencia de autoridades locales;

    -Pases limitados al baño,

    -No se aceptarán entregas de alimentos.

    Gracias también a quienes asistieron a nuestra reunión de padres esta noche. Se agradece su cooperación y trabajaremos juntos para continuar haciendo de Cesar Chavez High School un lugar seguro para todos.

    Gracias nuevamente por su continua confianza y apoyo.

    Announcement from Principal Mr. Georgia

    November 29, 2021

    Dear Cesar Chavez High School Parents and Families,

    This is a follow-up to an earlier communication regarding today’s incident on campus. At this time, we believe this was an isolated incident, and therefore, we will follow our regular bell schedule tomorrow.

    However, beginning tomorrow, and until further notice, we will implement the following increased safety protocols:

    • Entry and exit points on campus will be limited.
    • Backpacks will not be allowed.
    • Extra safety personnel, including law enforcement, will be highly visible on campus.
    • Food deliveries will not be allowed.
    • Extra safety measures will be in place near restrooms, during passing periods, at lunchtime, and during arrival, dismissal, and afterschool activities.

    In addition to protocols for students and staff, there will be an informational parent meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, November, 30 at 6:30 PM in the school’s auditorium.

    We understand what occurred today may have caused fear or anxiety. If your child needs additional support, we will have extra counselors and support staff available for students and staff on site.

    The safety and wellbeing of your children and our staff is our highest priority.

    We greatly appreciate your continued support.


    Matthew Georgia