• PXU City Frequently Asked Questions

    How will credit be earned?

    • A student can earn credit in any combination of taking courses at any PXU school, virtual classes, and/or internships/work-study opportunities.

    Will PXU City students earn college credit?

    • Yes, earning college and/or internship credit is a PXU City option through dual enrollment classes.

    Will PXU City students be full-time only?

    • Yes.

    How will a student's schedule be flexible?

    • Students will work with the PXU City counselor and develop a plan addressing areas of student interest to study, course options, and class times/location. For example, a student may not start classes until 10:00 AM, and/or they may take a course online at 9:00 PM. They may take general education classes or classes that are more specific to a career interest. The combination of courses must be equivalent to being a full-time student.

    Who will check on students throughout the day?

    • Students will have an individual safety plan. The plan will include the names, email, and phone numbers for any location a student is scheduled to take an in-person class, as well as internships and job shadowing experiences.
    • The plan will additionally include PXU City contact information and parent/guardian contact information.
    • The PXU City social worker, education coach, and/or student liaison will connect with students virtually, by phone and/or in person, throughout the school week.
    • Additional designated personnel include the Assistant Principal for Registration, counseling instructional leader, and registrar for any site a student is taking an in-person class.
    • A parent/student consent form and a liability release will need to be signed by the parent/guardian acknowledging ownership of knowing where their student is throughout the school day.

    How will I be notified if my student does not show up for in-person classes?

    • Absence and tardy reports are generated through an automated system for in-person classes a student takes on a PXU campus. It will call and leave a message on the phone number provided by the parent/guardian.

    Who should parents contact to report an absence?

    • Absences are reported PXU City office.
    • 602-764-1004

    Will students be provided breakfast and lunch? 

    • Yes, a PXU City student can have breakfast and/or lunch at any campus in the PXU District.

    What transportation will be provided?

    • Students may receive a bus card pass, light rail pass, or they may use their own vehicle.
    • A student using their own vehicle to drive to various school sites, touchdown locations, job shadowing experiences, and/or internships/work-study will need to complete and provide the parent consent form and proof of insurance.

    What is an Internship?

    • Many PXU City students will have the opportunity to participate in internships in areas of career interest.
    • An internship is a formal program to provide practical experience in an occupation or profession. An internship may be paid or unpaid.
    • Students will earn high school credit.
    • An internship is an opportunity to connect “real world” experience with high school learning.

    What is Work-Study?

    • Many PXU City students will have the opportunity to participate in work-study in areas that may be of career interest.
    • Work-study is a formal program with specific guidelines.
    • Work-study is a paid opportunity.
    • Students will earn high school credit.      
    • Work-study is an opportunity to let students have the flexibility of both working at their job and earning high school credit.

    What is job shadowing?

    • Many PXU City students will have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing experiences in areas of career interest.
    • Job shadowing is an informal program to provide practical experience in an occupation or profession. Job shadowing is unpaid.
    • Students will not earn high school credit.
    • Job shadowing is an opportunity to explore career options and connect academic learning with future work expectations.

    Will students be able to participate in activities and sports?

    • Yes, and PXU will follow AIA guidelines.
    • Current PXU students who transfer to PXU City may continue to play sports and participate in AIA sanctioned events at their original school without “sit out” time.
    • If the student wishes to participate in athletics and AIA sanctioned events at a school other than their original school, AIA transfer procedures must be followed.
    • Out of district PXU students are required to participate in AIA athletics and activities at the school closest to their domicile and follow AIA transfer procedures.

    Will students be able to participate in clubs?

    • Similar to the above, students may participate at their home school or school closest to their place of residence. Students may also participate in clubs offered through PXU City.

    Will PXU City students be able to graduate early?

    • This is not a goal of PXU City. Students/parents will need to discuss schedule options with the PXU City counselor.

    Where is PXU City located?

    • The campus will be centrally located within the District.

    What is the contact information for PXU City?

    • Website: PXU.org/PXUCity
    • Email: pxucity@phoenixunion.org
    • Phone number: 602-764-1004

    What is the registration process?

    Click here to be redirected to the webpage regarding registration.