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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does advisory do? ¿Para qué es Advisory? En Español

    A: Advisory class provides opportunities for students. It allows students access to interventions, enrichment opportunities, and a caring adult for social emotional support. 

    Q: Do students receive credit towards graduation for advisory class?

    A: Students receive 0.25 credits per semester. It is a two-semester course. 

    Q: When do students have advisory?

    A: Students have advisory Tuesday through Friday during third period. 

    Q: What are students expected to do during advisory?

    A: During advisory, students are expected to work on assignments, reach out to teachers for support, and participate in community-building activities. 

    Q: How does advisory support graduation?

    A: Students on track for graduation pass their classes. Advisory is a dedicated academic intervention time built into the school day. Student success and graduation rates increase when advisory time is used appropriately.  Click here for the full breakdown on Graduation Requirements

    Q: How can advisory help me with testing?

    A: Advisory class is used to take benchmark tests, known as NWEA, throughout the year to measure student growth in reading, language arts, and math. For the full testing schedule of the 23'-24' spring semester, click on the pictures below.


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