• About the Phoenix Union High School District Black Alliance...

     Purpose and Functions of the Organization 

    The purpose of the Phoenix Union High School District Black Alliance (PXUBA) is to promote and facilitate quality education for all students, particularly students of African descent; to establish a coalition of educators of African descent and others involved in the educational process; to identify and develop teachers and other professionals of African descent who will assume leadership positions in education; to foster the recruitment, development and retention of teachers and prospective teachers of African descent; to create various forums for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve educational opportunities; to develop funding streams for The Phoenix Union High School District Black Alliance (PXUBA)-related programs and activities; to influence public policy concerning the education of people of African descent; to promote and strongly encourage persons of African descent to research and develop teaching and learning strategies that enhance achievement of students of African descent; to maintain a Foundation to administer an endowment program. 

    The functions of The Phoenix Union High School District Black Alliance (PXUBA) shall be: 

    • To work to eliminate and rectify the effects of systemic racism in education; 
    • To work to increase the academic achievement level of all students, particularly those of African descent, by promoting programs and effective teaching techniques; 
    • To influence the development of specialized training for teachers and others who will positively affect the learning outcomes of students (early childhood to higher education); 
    • To provide services that inform and promote the general welfare of the membership; 
    • To develop and articulate positions on key issues which affect the education of students of African descent and impact public policies; 
    • To pioneer research related to the education of students of African descent and to foster the dissemination of effective teaching and learning strategies and findings. 

  • Leadership

     Sandra Jenkins Headshot

    Sandra Jenkins, President

    CTE Teacher, Betty H. Fairfax High School

    Email: sjenkins@phoenixunion.org

     John-Martin Rigsby Headshot

    John-Martin Ash Rigsby, Vice President

    Assistant Principal for Student Success, Trevor G. Browne High School

    Email: jrigsby@phoenixunion.org


    Denise Walker, Treasurer

    Execptional Studnet Services Facilitator, Trevor G. Browne High School  

    Email: dwalker1@PhoenixUnion.ORG 


    Vickie Evens, Secretary 

    IB Office Assistant, Betty H. Fairfax High School

    Email: vevens@PhoenixUnion.ORG