• The purpose of the Metro Tech High School Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor members of our school who have made an indelible positive impact on the community. It is our goal to have increased awareness and pride in Metro Tech High School and our involvement in the community—past and present—with the goal of providing inspiration and mentorship for current and future students. The MTHS Hall of fame will celebrate key Metro Tech High School students, staff and community members who contributions make us proud to call them fellow Knights. 


    Nominations open every year on January 1st for the Metro Tech Hall of Fame are due by July 31st. If you would like to submit a nomination for the next school year, you may access the online nomination form here.

    Once presented as an eligible nominee, a candidate who is not elected shall automatically be reconsidered annually until he/she has been considered.  A designated committee representative will notify any nominator and their nominee via e-mail if not selected.


    The committee consists of 7 permanent members and optional 2 annual ad hoc members:

    21-22 committee

    • Current APO: Mr. Dan Dodge 
    • Carlo Camacho (certified)
    • Mario Malaby (certified)
    • Monique Mogro (certified)
    • Erika Parra (certified)
    • Herbert Smith (certified)
    • Classified (TBD)

    (optional ad hoc)

    • Community Representative: An individual currently collaborating with Metro Tech (parent, former parent, CTE advisory member, Alumni, etc.)
    • Current student representative (upperclassmen)


    The Hall of Fame selection committee is determined by the APO. There are no term limits. Members of the selection committee serve on the committee until they no longer wish to do so, or until the APO and/or the HOF Committee agree to remove an individual.

    Candidates may be nominated and inducted posthumously.

    Any supporting material such as newspaper articles, stories, etc. must be available upon request.

    Simple majority of members present for nominees to be selected.


    • Superior accomplishments as a Metro Tech High School student in athletics, academia, business and/or extracurricular activities.
    • Extraordinary endeavors contributing to the betterment of the world or community, through public service, charity, social advocacy, or otherwise.
    • Must have graduated (Metro only) from Metro Tech at least five years prior to the year of their nomination.
    • All candidates will have exemplified characteristics of integrity and citizenship, before and after graduation
    • Athletes are eligible for nomination 5 years after their class’s graduation. They must be in good standing or in special circumstances as determined by the Board Members.  Such athletes must have competed in a Metro Tech sanctioned Varsity or Club sport and must have excelled in such sport. Among the accomplishments taken into account will be individual (All-District, All-State, All-Region, or National Qualifier) and team accomplishments, individual school or team records held, and impact on teams and the overall athletic program at Metro Tech High School during their era and accomplishments thereafter.
    • Distinguished Alumni nominated candidates are eligible for nomination 5 years after their class’s graduation. They must be in good standing or in special circumstances as determined by the Board Members.  Such Alumni must have earned distinguished career, academic, or arts accomplishments thereafter.


    • The nomination is also open to coaches, teachers, staff, or administrators, who must have participated with distinction and/or made significant contributions to athletics, academics and culture at Metro Tech High School, as evidenced, for example, by the success of their teams and the acknowledgment of their former students and/or athletes. Such staff shall be eligible for nomination beginning one year after they have left Metro Tech High School for any reason, or in special circumstances as determined by the Board Members.
    • Significant contributions made to the overall running of the school will be considered, as well as a record of personal and professional accomplishments.


    • The nomination is also open to community members including Parents, CTE advisory members, team/club sponsors, benefactors, or any community members who contributions to the betterment of Metro Tech High School. In special circumstances as determined by the Board Members.


    A candidate may be nominated for Hall of Fame membership by any member of the community.  The formal nomination shall be made using the nomination form prescribed for such purpose and made available to the public Candidates may be nominated during the window of January 1st to July 31st for that calendar years’ HOF class. The nomination form is available online.  In order for the candidate to be considered, the form must be completely filled out.


    Induction will take place during the first fall all-school assembly or equivalent school-wide event. Once a candidate is nominated, their nomination stays active for consideration each year unless removed by the committee. The selection committee will meet, and HOF class will be contacted by   2nd week of August of each year to select inductees, who will then be notified.


    Student Interactions: If available, Inductees will meet with students’ groups who are interested in their areas of experience and expertise during the school day.  Opportunities include (but are not limited to): Visits to specific related content classes, an all-school assembly, A smaller assembly during the Advisory period, and Afterschool event.

    MTHS Hall of Fame Awards Showcase: Recognition of all inductees will be placed in an awards case/ plaque/ wall by the main entrance of the school or other designated area.