• Summer School Sign Up

    Use these links to sign up for classes or workshops on the Bioscience High School campus this summer. Some classes are not offered at Bioscience and would need to be taken at a different campus.  The classes we offer are the Intro to High School class (In-person), Math Edgenuity (Online with in-person tests), English Edgenuity (Online with in-person tests), Social Studies Edgenuity (Online with in-person tests), and Accelerate to Calculus (in-person). We also offer some science labs and social/emotional learning as workshops.


    Intro to High School Class/Freshmen Academy (optional for incoming 9th graders, worth .5 credit)

    Intro To High School Link

    Incoming 9th graders, don’t confuse this class with the 4-day “Dragon Academy” for all new-to-Bioscience students July 19-22nd from 8-12.  You do not need to sign up for that 4-day orientation; just show up in person on July 19th.


    Summer School (Current students only: for Credit Recovery and Accelerate to Calculus)

    Credit classes Link


    Workshops on Bioscience’s campus (Current students only: Science labs and Social/Emotional Learning)

    Workshop Link

    These are non-credit 2-to-3 day workshops to capture some of the hands-on labs you missed during the pandemic. There are also some leadership and self-awareness workshops to help you cope with high school stress, time management, and building leadership.