• PXU Digital Academy Profiles

    Hear from staff and students at PXU Digital Academy!

  • Aranda Hello PXU DA community, I’m excited to continue my teaching journey in my first year working at PXU Digital Academy. Before coming here, I had the pleasure of starting my career at Raymond S. Kellis HS before transitioning to Trevor G. Browne and Camelback HS here in PXU. I chose PXU DA because I want to be part of an innovative school that provides a unique learning experience for our students. I love that we provide a pathway towards graduation for students seeking a non-traditional high school education.  I’m excited to build our newest school and for the opportunity to work with our amazing students and staff into the future.
    — Eddie Aranda, Teacher

  • Brayan Garcia Escalante I have attended PXU DA for one year. Before coming to PXU DA, I attended North High School. I chose PXU DA so I could work full-time and continue my education. I really liked the flexibility of being able to work on my classes at any time and the teachers checked up on me and answered my questions when I had some.  Now that I’m earning my high school diploma, I want to continue working in the pool construction career field and become a licensed contractor.
    Brayan Garcia Escalante, Class of 2021

  • Amrit I joined PXU DA this year, after completing my freshman and sophomore years at North High School. I chose PXU DA because it has allowed me to pursue my education while maintaining my safety at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a student of Digital, I am able to self-pace and access my classes at all times. Because of PXU DA, I am able to graduate this year as a junior. I plan to go to college at ASU.
    — Amrit Kaur, Class of 2021

  • Baani Kaur  Like my twin sister, I too transitioned to PXU DA from North High School. PXU DA offers a variety of classes. I appreciate being able to easily access my counselor and teachers through Teams. I am graduating as a junior, and I hope to be better prepared for ASU next fall after graduating from PXU DA!
    — Baani Kaur, Class of 2021

  • Yoselin Valdez I have been at PXU Digital Academy since April 2019. I attended a school in Pennsylvania before I moved to Phoenix in February of 2019. I choose PXU Digital Academy because I liked that I could work at my own pace, which will allow me to catch up on credits and graduate on time. I love that PXU Digital Academy “built” a new campus for their students. It is beautiful and comfortable and I like that students have the option to go onto campus and get assistance with their classwork. After I am done with high school I am going to college to study more and work toward becoming a doctor.  I want to make my uncle, aunt, and mom proud by showing them that I can do it.
    Yoselin Valdez, Class of 2021

  • Darlanah Oshaiyah Alexis I have been attending PXU Digital Academy since 2019. Prior to attending PXU Digital Academy, I was attending school at Primavera. I chose PXU Digital Academy because I thought that it seemed like a great fit for me. I love that with PXU DA offers so much support. Teachers, staff, and the principal are willing to help and support in any way possible. I like the structure and flexibility of the courses, too! PXU DA also has a campus, so students have the option to complete work at home or on campus. After graduating high school, I plan on attending college to further my passion in art or to become a labor and delivery nurse.
    Darlanah Oshaiyah Alexis, Class of 2021