Please follow the link below according to the web-browser you chose to install the WebEx plug-in needed to join the meeting:
    ·      Chrome Webex Plugin
    ·      Firefox Webex Plugin
    ·      New Chromium Edge Webex Plugin   
    Note: Old Edge, doesn’t need an extension

    See picture below, the logo for old Edge is all blue (left), while the logo for the new Chromium Edge is multi-colored (right)

    Web Browser Logos. The old blue Edge logo on the left and the new multicolored Chromium Edge logo on the right.  

    Step 1 Mobile: Smart Phone or Tablet Install > Cisco Webex Meetings App

    Apple iOS App Store screenshot below

    iOS App Store Screenshot of Cisco Webex Meetings App


    Android's Google Play Store screenshot below

    Android Google Play Store for Cisco Webex Meetings App


    Step 2: Event Registration

    Visit the September Board Meeting Page to find the registration link, or go directly to the registration page from here (registrations for Call to the Public have been closed). 


    Desktop registration screen below.

    Desktop registration page - You will need to click on 'Register' next to 'Event Status: Started'

    Once you click the 'Register' link, you will see the screen below where you will need to provide your name, email, address, high school attendance area, the item agenda you'd like to speak about, whether or not you need an interpreter, last name, and phone number. Once these fields have been filled out, you'll need to click the 'Submit' button on the lower right of the screen.

    Webex registration screen for desktop computers. Please complete all fields including full name, address, and phone number. Once all fields have been filled out, click on the 'submit' button.


    Mobile registration screen below. The same fields will be required as in the desktop version, and you'll need to click 'Submit' once finished.

    Mobile Webex registration screen. Please fill out all required fields, and then click 'submit' button.


    Step 3: Join Event via Email

    Once your registration is approved, you will get an email from messenger@webex.com. Open the email and click the green 'Join event' button. See the screenshot below.

    Screenshot showing email of registration approval. Click the 'Join event' button to join the board meeting.

    Step 4: Check Audio Settings Prior to Joining

    After you join, you will see the following screen. The preferred audio setting is 'Use Computer for Audio' on desktops or 'Use Internet for Audio' on mobile devices including tablets.

    Desktop Screenshot:

    Desktop Webex screen with 'Use Computer for Audio' selected as the preferred audio method. Please select this method.


    Mobile Screenshots (iOS followed by Android):

    iOS screenshot for audio settings. Choose 'Use internet for audio' then click okay to allow microphone access.    Android screenshot of audio selection. Please choose 'Use internet for audio' option.

    Once audio settings have been selected, select JOIN.

    Once you are connected to the PXU Board Meeting through Webex, your screen should look like this:

    Screenshot of Board Meeting once joined and connected via Webex. Three Point button highlighted for audio check.

    Next, please click on the button with the three horizontal dots, select Speaker and Microphone to test your audio.

    Speaker and Microphone screen. Use this screen to test both speaker and microphone to ensure both are functioning correctly.

    If you successfully tested your audio, this means you're all set to participate during the Call to the Public portion of the meeting.