• PXU Participatory Budgeting

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    In 2020, PXU made the decision to launch the Redesigning School Safety PXU Participatory Budgeting process and allocated the $1.2 million dollar School Safety Officer (SRO) budget to empower students, staff, parents, and guardians to reimagine school safety. The student process was allocated $500,000, staff were allocated $500,000, and parents/guardians were allocated $200,000.

    Over the last two years, our PB leaders have engaged in facilitated needs assessment conversations to identify needs and potential challenges, brainstorm ideas to meet identified needs and/or address challenges, rank and sort ideas, record Shark Tank video presentations, and develop ideas into formal proposals to submit to the PXU Leadership Accountability Team. The Leadership Accountability Team reviewed the proposals for feasibility and compliance and has approved the final ballot items. Now it’s time for the PXU community to vote on how the money will be spent!

    Next Steps

    We are excited to announce that the Redesigning School Safety PXU Participatory Budgeting Vote Phase will be February 27th – March 10th. Every currently enrolled student, staff member, and parent/guardian of a currently enrolled student can participate.  Students and staff members will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation and create a password to access the ballot proposals and vote. Parent/Guardian emails have been sent to the email address used to create your ParentVue account. 

    If you do not have a ParentVue account, please contact the registration office at your student’s campus to provide an email to create your ParentVue account, which will also be used to create your email invitation to access the Redesigning School Safety PXU Participatory Budgeting website.

    Voting will take place on the Redesigning School Safety website, https://schoolsafety.pxu.org/          

    Please follow these steps to cast your vote:

    • You will receive an email from “Redesigning Safe Schools PXU” – don’t forget to check your spam folder.
    • Accept the invitation to participate by clicking the link in the email to create your password.
    • Follow the steps in the Voting Instructions video to cast your vote, Voting Instructions.mp4

    If you are having difficulty accessing your account, please contact

    pxu-participateinpb@phoenixunion.org or contact 602-764-1355.