• Bioscience Announcements

    Upcoming Events

    • Intro to High School - for select rising freshmen
      • May 23rd - June 24th 
      • Mondays - Thursdays
      • 8am - noon 
    • Dragon Academy - for all students new to Bioscience 
      • July 25th-July 8th 
      • 8am - noon 
    • First Day of 22-23 
      • Monday, August 8th @ 9am 



    Application dates for 2022-2023 

    We will begin accpeting applications on November 6th. Priority applications due date us January 13th, 2022. 

    “We empower students to thrive in college, to excel in the workplace, and to make a difference in the world.” --Dr. Holly Batsell, Principal 

    Bioscience High School Profile 2019-2020

    Bioscience offers students:

    • Innovative learning environments.
    • Integrated learning experiences focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
    • Excellent opportunities in the arts and humanities.
    • Collaborative opportunities with students, teachers, and local community partners.
    • Clubs like Robotics, E-tech, I-GEM, STUGO, NHS, NAHS, Music, and more!
    • One-to-One computer access.
    • Engineering and Medical focused pathways for upperclassmen.
    • Internships for seniors.
    • The chance to develop independence, responsibility, and a work ethic that will last a lifetime!
    Our Mission
    To provide a rigorous, collaborative, and relevant academic program emphasizing an innovative, problem-based curriculum that develops student literacy in the sciences, mathematics, and the arts.
    Our Vision
    To cultivate critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate citizens, who are able to thrive in our increasingly complex and technological communities.
    *If you have questions or need assistance with enrollment, please contact Ms. Evelyn Gonzales, 602-765-5604, or email- egonzales@phoenixunion.org 

    Grades Are Important, Learning Matters More 

    See what makes Bioscience High School so special.