• 2023-2024 School Year

    PXU is a portfolio district with 11 comprehensive high schools, six small specialty schools, three micro schools, three support schools, and a digital academy. Several programs make Phoenix Union unique. PXU is looking forward to another successful school year for our 24 schools. To enroll for the 2023-2024 school year, please visit PXU.org/Enroll. School began on August 7, 2023

    New in 2023-2024:

    Phoenix Educator PreparatoryPhoenix Educator Preparatory is an innovative and interactive lab-school environment where students jump-start their futures by choosing their own pathways of study these areas: Elementary Teaching, Secondary Teaching, Counseling, Social Work, or Educational Psychology. 

    Click here to visit the Phoenix Educator Preparatory Website


    PXU is proud to offer choice when it comes to selecting the right school for students' needs. 

    Parents may choose in-person learning on-campus, or virtual online learning at Phoenix Digital Academy (see the information below):

  • On-Campus Learning

    • Students receive live instruction with their teacher with other in-person students only (no virtual students). 

    • Opportunities such as sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities are available for students.

    • Returning PXU students are automatically enrolled at their school. There are no specific steps for parents to take at this time.

    • School begins on August 7, 2023. Enroll today by clicking this link.

  • Virtual Learning through Phoenix Digital 

    • Students participate in self-paced learning using an online platform with daily access to teachers and on-site support. Students will work at their own pace with regular check-ins with a teacher for questions, support, tutoring, and intervention. 
    • Opportunities such as sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities will be available for students at any of our comprehensive campuses.
    • Phoenix Digital Academy offers flexible start dates as new classes begin weekly. Contact the school for more information.  
    • If you select virtual learning, you can transfer your student back to in-person learning by contacting your home school or PXU school of your choice, which will provide guidance on the best time academically to transition your student.
    • If your student is a senior this coming school year, your student may choose whether they graduate and receive a diploma from their home school or Phoenix Digital Academy.

    Enroll Now at Phoenix Digital Academy by following the steps below. Here are 5 ways to enroll your student at Phoenix Digital Academy for online, virtual learning:

  • Call Phoenix Digital

  • Email Phoenix Digital

  • Visit Phoenix Digital

  • Connect With Registration Staff

  • Enroll Online With Phoenix Digital

  • *Please note, we will be using ParentVue as one way to communicate with families. Please download the free ParentVue app on your phone. (Data rates may apply.) Contact your home school if you need assistance. 

    PXU School Contacts

    Linda Abril Educational Academy: (602) 764-0050
    Alhambra High School: (602) 764-6000
    Bioscience High School: (602) 764-5600
    Bostrom High School: (602) 764-1700
    Trevor G. Browne High School: (602) 764-8500
    Camelback High School: (602) 764-7000
    Camelback Montessori College Prep:(602) 764-7000
    Central High School: (602) 764-7500
    Cesar Chavez High School: (602) 764-4000
    Desiderata: (602) 764-0800
    Betty H. Fairfax High School: (602) 764-9000
    Franklin Police & Fire High School: (602) 764-0200
    Carl Hayden Community High School: (602) 764-3000
    Maryvale High School: (602) 764-2000
    Maryvale Gifted & Talented Academy: (602) 764-2011
    Metro Tech High School: (602) 764-8000
    North High School: (602) 764-6500
    Phoenix Coding Academy: (602) 764-5700
    Phoenix Digital Academy: (602) 764-0860
    Phoenix Educator Preparatory: (602)-764-1050
    PXU City: (602) 764-1004
    The Academies at South Mountain: (602) 764-5000
    Wilson College Prep: (602) 764-9600