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    Why be multilingual?

    Have you ever thought about learning another language beyond your own? There are MANY reasons to learn a new language. Just to name a few, students exposed to additional languages experience: cognitive benefits, academic achievement benefits and an increased sense of global citizenry and cultural awareness. With our diverse student body at Alhambra and its surrounding community, it is even more relevant to know multiple languages. For more research on the benefits of World Language learning, click here. 

    About our program

    hands on the world

    Spanish and French classes at Alhambra allow students to engage in activities that activate their oral, written and listening skills. Students also learn about cultural aspects of Spanish and French-speaking countries. Our program offers hands-on, interactive opportunities for students to show their linguistic skills, such as as putting on a fashion show, filming a cooking show or doing job interviews. Our program includes honors and AP courses, some of which are classes for Spanish speakers.

    Our Faculty




    Chabba, Paula: Phone: 602-764-6002 ext 46422,  chabba at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: FR 1-2 & FR 3-4




    Avila-Martinez, Patricia

     Phone: 602-764-6002 ext 46428, avila-martinez at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: SSS 1-2 H, SSS 3-4 H & AP Spanish 

    Sra. Avila's Website


    Monzón, Lorena: Phone: 602-764-6002 ext 46372,  monzon at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: SPA 5-6 H, SPA 3-4H & AVID 

    Ms. Monzón's Website


    Ram, Dalia: Phone:  602-764-6002 ext 46427 dram at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: SPA 1-2,  SPA 3-4

    Sra. Ram's Website


    Sánchez, Ramona: Phone: 602-764-6002 ext 46085, rsanchez at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: SSS 1/2 H & SSS 3/4 H

    Miss Sánchez's Website 


    Red, Luke: Instructional Leader

    Phone: 602-764-6430 ext 46430, lred at phoenixunion.org

    Courses: SPA 1-2 & Spanish for the Medical Arts

    Sr. Red's Website


    Click here for first through third year Spanish vocabulary and grammar resources for Auténtico.