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    To prepare students for college, career, and life, English focuses on written and oral communication skills. Additionally, reading and analyzing texts in all formats is an essential focus of the department to prepare students to succeed in their journey after high school.

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    Course Offerings & Descriptions

    9th grade English is designed to prepare students to meet proficiency in  AZ state standards for reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language skills. The course includes thematic units with fiction and non-fiction texts and writing topics that are relevant to students’ personal life experiences. Freshman English is the foundation for their English skills that they will practice and hone throughout their high school career.

    10th grade English has students continue to develop and refine the skills they learned freshman year. Students read works of literature from around the world, developing their knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and genres while working on their critical reading and writing skills. Students take the Pre-ACT in the spring to help them gauge what skills they should grow for their junior year.

    • 9th and 10th grade ELA offers on-level and honors classes to meet the needs of our students.

    11th grade is a year of developing critical reading and writing skills, in preparation for the ACT, college, and the working world. Students use non-fiction texts and American literature to further develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. Rhetorical analysis, argument, and research writing are the focus.

    12th grade students practice and polish their skills in preparation for college and career. Students refine their writing and critical thinking skills through discussion and analysis of various challenging literature.

    • 11th and 12th grades offer AP classes for students ready to take on the challenge of rigorous, college-level work. 11th grade offers AP Language and Composition, where students read nonfiction in the form of articles, essays, and more. AP Language is also a dual enrollment class, meaning students can earn English 101 & 102 credit for their junior year. AP Literature offers a multitude of challenging literary works that students will analyze.

    12th  grade also has multicultural courses offered - Culturally Relevant Literature from the Mexican American/Chicanx Perspective, Culturally Relevant Literature from the  African American Perspective, and Culturally Relevant Literature from the Native American Perspective.