• English Department
    Instructional Leader: Whitney Peterson

    The ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing, is essential to success in college, career, and life.  These skills are at the heart of the English curriculum.  It is the goal of the English department that all students graduating from CCHS have fully developed their capabilities and can leave confident in their readiness to excel in life beyond high school.

    9th grade English introduces students to the skills and abilities necessary to success in high school.  Students learn to read and understand a variety of challenging literature.  They write many essays in a variety of genres and hone their critical reading, writing, and grammar skills.  9th grade English provides a solid foundation for AIMS and for the rest of the high school English curriculum.

    In 10th grade English, students continue to develop and refine their skills.  This year provides them with intensive and focused preparation for the AIMS Reading and Writing tests.  In the 10th grade, students read works of literature from around the world, developing their knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and various genres.

    In both the 9th and 10th grades, CCHS offers on-level and honors (pre-AP) classes, in an effort to meet the intellectual needs of all our students.

    During the 11th grade, students continue to build on their solid foundation.  This is a year of developing critical reading and writing skills, in preparation for the ACT, as well as for college and the working world.  In the on-level class, students write numerous essays and study the great works of American literature.  In the AP class, students learn to write, read, and think rhetorically and analytically, just as they will in the college classroom.

    12th grade is a year of transition from high school to adulthood.  Students practice and polish their skills in preparation for college and career.  In the on-level class, students write constantly and study the classics of British literature.  In the AP class, students refine their writing and critical thinking skills through the discussion and analysis of a wide spectrum of challenging literature.

    English Evening School Teachers: English Inclusion Teachers:

    Frances Pratt

    Kate Peterson

    Leonard Lev