MIssion Statement 
    “To Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens"


    Army Junior ROTC is an elective program currently offered in ten (10) Phoenix Union  Schools.

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    Uniforms and textbooks are furnished at no expense to the student. There is no obligation to enter military service.

    Program Objectives The objectives of the JROTC program are to develop leadership, self-reliance, responsiveness to authority, physical fitness, and attributes related to good citizenship and patriotism.

    Program Goal The main goal of the program is to develop leaders and responsible citizens through a combination of academic and physical activities.

    Organization Each JROTC unit has its own appointed cadet officers and noncommissioned officers to provide student leadership roles and give a military structure to all activities. Cadets learn to work together for the common good while developing self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.


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