• Alhambra High School Exceptional Student Services Department

    Welcome to the Exceptional Student Services Homepage. We are committed to providing services to over 300 Alhambra students!
    Special Education Facilitator: 
    Dr Dantonio-Schleich, 

    School Psychologist: Bobby Santillan

    Sr. Office Assistant: Rachelle Wooley 
    Phone #: 602-764-6048
    Office Assistant: Juana Roa
    Espanol: 602-764-6148 
    Our Exceptional Specialists:
    TBD:   Social Worker
    Dr. Timothy Gooding:   Behavior Interventionist
    Diane Cogsdill:    Hearing Department Chair
    Ann Miller:    Vision Department Chair
    Christine Barlog:   Physical Therapist
    Theresa Schmotzer:   Ocupational Therapist
    Jennifer Brausse:    Speech Pathologist
    Lohren Caceres:   Orientation & Mobility Specialist
    Monica Garibaldi:   Nurse
    Virginia Samaniego: Sped/General Ed. Counselor, Inclusion & ED
    Sara Miller: Sped Counselor, CBT & Practical 
    Our Exceptional Support Staff:
        Adriana Gardner- ERC/TBI
             Rodney Brown – ERC/TBI
       Laura Flippen -  S.U.C.C.E.S.S./E.D 
        Adriana Yepiz - CBT
        Amber Williams - CBT 
       Mona Zuver:   Interpreter 
        Monique Nickolis-Blakely:   Job Developer 
         Our Exceptional Teachers:
    Rhonda Carriger

    Practical English & Science

    Ernest Cobb English 1-2 & English 3-4
    Dr. Peggy D'Antonio Practical Strand: Job Preparation/Adult Survival/ US AZ History
    Sue Epstein (TBI) Learning Strategies (ERC)
    Bethany Aaker English 1-2, English 5-6
    Rosalie Fogg Algebra 3-4 & Algebra Lab
    Susan Olivo CBT
    Marty Webster CBT
    Roxie Hunter Reading
    Anne Mulligan Practical Math, Practical Government and Learning Strategies
    Jim Nixon English 1 & English 3
    Luis Ortega Algebra 1-2
    Kayla Howard Learning Strategies
    James Ward Geometry 1-2 & Science Inclusion Coach
    Sophia McGuirl ESO & Intro to Algebra
    Sarah Finlay Success Seminar  
    Lilee Mack-Hanson

    Algebra 1-2