• Hey Stampede, 

    Welcome to your off-site learning resource webpage.

    Check here for updated information realted to your remote learning experience. 

    For Technology Issues involving laptop usage, call 602-764-9128 during normal school hours. 

    For Laptop/ HotSpot Checkout Appointment call 602-764-9128


    Download TeamViewer if asked by Tech for Remote Support 


    Current Tech Issues and Resolutions : 

    Problem - Black Display when starting laptop 

    Resolution - Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose the Reboot option by clicking circle icon in lower right corner , then login after laptops restarts


    Problem - TEAMS window not opening when I open my laptop 

    Resolution - make sure you are SHUTTING DOWN your laptop and not just closing the lid when finished with it for the day . Just closing the lid will keep Teams running but minimized tothe systen tray in the lower right corner of the screen.