• Black Alliance 20201 Scholarships 

    Deadline for applying is April 8th


    There are 5 types of scholarships available with a requirement of a 2.5 GPA:    

    1. James Singleton Scholarship - For Students to Attend Northern Arizona University 
    2. Mari Powell Scholarship - Exceptional Student Services Student at Metro Tech High School 
    3. Shamsid-Deen Scholarship - Exceptional Student Services Student at any PXU Campus 
    4. Adrian Lamos II Scholarship - Any College or University in Arizona or HBCU - Franklin and Marshall. 
    5. PXU Black Alliance General Scholarship 

    The scholarship was created to help our Young Black Scholars to get opportunities they have historically not had as much access to receive.  However, it is not a requirement for an applicant to be of African descent.  

    Students may apply by clicking this link: