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    If you are interested in any of our Small Schools or Specialty programs, please fill out our survey by clicking this link: Click here to fill out our Small School/Specialty Program survey. 



    The Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) is not a typical big-city school district. It is a portfolio of schools that can accommodate every student in a choice-rich educational environment. One size does not fit all. Of the 21 schools in the District, six are considered small specialty schools, three are micro-schools, and one is a digital academy. PXU is renowned for its menu of unique small schools that specialize in economy-driven areas such as biotechnology, coding, public safety, differentiated learning for gifted students, or college preparatory. Explore our small schools and see which one might be just the right size for you. 

    PXU’s Small Schools have no attendance boundaries, but first priority is given to students residing within the District boundaries. Because of their popularity, size, and specialized curriculum, the enrollment process is a bit different at each school. Apply early to avoid a waiting list. 


  • Franklin logo  

    Franklin Police and Fire High School

    Franklin Police & Fire High is not only a unique small specialty school focused on public safety careers, but it is nationally recognized for its academic performance.  Named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2014,  it is annually ranked as one of the best high schools in the country, as reported by US News and World Report.  Franklin provides a full college-prep high school curriculum.  Students also prepare for careers in law enforcement or firefighting, taught by public safety professionals, with the opportunity to earn dual credit for community college.

    Visit PXU.org/Franklin for info and to apply. 

  • PXU Digital Academy Logo

    Phoenix Digital Academy

    Phoenix Digital Academy (PXU DA) is an online high school that offers self-paced, virtual-only learning. Students in Grades 9 through 12 may enroll full-time or concurrently (simultaneously at Phoenix Digital Academy and their home school) at any point during the calendar year and begin coursework immediately. Phoenix Digital Academy provides all students with choices for academic pathways to success as well as serves at-risk students who need flexibility within the school day.  

    • Applications available at PXU.org/PhoenixDigitalAcademy.

    • Complete an online application, e-mail a completed application to digitalacademy@phoenixunion.org, or hand-deliver an application to our campus, located at 3701 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85019.

    • PXU DA is open 365 days per year and applications are accepted year-round. Begin with us at any time!

    • Open to all students in Grades 9-12 who want, need, and/or thrive in a fully-online educational environment. Our classes are self-paced, asynchronous online courses facilitated by teachers appropriately certified in the subject.

  • Bioscience High School logo  

    Bioscience High School

    Bioscience High School is routinely ranked as one of the top high schools in Arizona.  Opened in 2007 in Phoenix's downtown Biotechnology Center, its emphasis is on an integrated rigorous curriculum incorporating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students can choose career pathway courses such as biomedical and engineering.  Senior capstone projects and internships result in hundreds of scholarship offers for Bioscience graduates.   

    • Applications are available on the school website at PXU.org/Bioscience or may be picked up at the high school.

    • Parent and student orientation required as part of the application. See the website to sign up.

    • Applications can be faxed, emailed, or delivered in person.

    • Other requirements and deadlines outlined in the application.

  •  Camelback Montessori logo   

    Camelback Montessori

    Camelback Montessori is the first and only public Montessori High School program in Arizona. Montessori education is structured around the individual needs of the student, utilizing self-directed activity, hands-on engagement, collaborative work, and practices that encourage the development of the whole person. Students take core classes in math, social studies, science, and English, but take elective classes and participate in extracurricular activities with the larger Camelback community. 

    • Applications are available at camelbackmontessori.org.


  • ARCH logo 

    Cesar Chavez ARCH

    Advanced Readiness at Chavez High (ARCH) is a premiere micro-school housed within the Chavez campus for students interested in attending a competitive four-year national university by making those students competitive on a national scale. The primary mission of ARCH is to help students achieve admission to competitive universities around the country, be able to afford those universities, and give those students the necessary skills to thrive in a competitive university. ​It is an application-based four-year cohort program that pushes students to excel at high levels.

    • Applications are available at PXU.org/ARCH.

  • Coding logo  . 

    Phoenix Coding Academy

    This innovative specialty small school focused on integrating computer science and academics is one of the first public high schools of its kind. Inquiry design and project-based learning provide the instructional framework, innovation, and computer science are the focus, and academic courses are integrated to offer a dynamic, student-centered academic experience. Our CTE pathways software development (game, app, and web development) and computer networking and cybersecurity may lead to select industry certification and college dual enrollment, and prepare students for success in college and high-demand technology careers.

    • Accepting applications for grades 9-12. These are available at PXU.org/Coding, click Enroll Today.

    • The application process requires a student interview scheduled after complete application submission.

    • Other requirements and deadlines are outlined in the application.

    • Please call 602-764-5700 or email pca@phoenixunion.org to schedule a tour, student shadowing, etc.

  • Wilson logo  

    Wilson College Prep

    Wilson College Prep opened in 2017 is the first high school in the world to offer the highly successful AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) College Readiness System to every student for four years.  AVID prepares students who are in the academic middle who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard, access to a rigorous curriculum, and preparation for entrance into a four-year university.

    • Applications are currently available on the school website, PXU.org/Wilson, or picked up at Wilson College Prep.

    • The application process requires an interview which will be scheduled shortly after the application has been submitted.

    • Other requirements and deadlines are outlined in the Application.

  •  Gifted and Talented

    Maryvale Gifted and Talented Academy

    Opened in 2017, the Gifted and Talented Academy calls the Maryvale campus home, providing an alternative learning model for students.  Accelerated course work, including opportunities for Advanced Placement, dual enrollment and technology-based classes, project-based learning, and personalized instruction allows students to excel academically and grow holistically.   Students also take advantage of courses such as drama, art, music, dance, JROTC, and a host of extracurricular activities on the larger Maryvale campus.

    • Gifted & Talented Academy application available on our school website, PXU.org/GandT.

    • Interview will be scheduled after submission of application.

    • Requirements, deadlines, and extensions are outlined in the application and on the website.

  • PXU CityPXU City

    Visit PXU.org/PXUCity for details about enrollment and frequently asked questions.

    Phoenix Union High School District proudly opened PXU City in the 2022-23 school year. The PXU City concept offers a new design of the high school experience where The City is Your Classroom. A student enrolled at PXU City will earn high school credits in-person and online from any PXU campus. Untethered by an individual campus or schedule, students will work with their school counselor to develop a program of study geared towards their interests, needs, and strengths.

    A PXU City student will design a schedule that works for their lifestyle. Perhaps a student needs to take care of a child or a younger sibling in the morning; they can start school at 10:00 AM. Maybe a student has a job in the afternoon, so might attend school in the morning, work in the afternoon and take the remaining classes at night or on the weekend. With PXU City, students can take courses at the times and locations that fit their schedules.

    The goal is to develop students who are ready to succeed in today’s world. Students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs, activities, and athletics across the District. All students have access to school resources, including a laptop, school libraries, breakfast and lunch, social and emotional supports, bus and light rail passes, and so much more.

    Make the city your classroom with PXU City!


  • Phoenix Educator Preparatory

    Phoenix Union High School District is proud to announce the anticipated opening of Phoenix Educator Preparatory in the 2023-2024 school year. Phoenix Educator Preparatory is an innovative and interactive lab-school environment where students jump-start their futures by choosing their own pathways of study these areas: Elementary Teaching, Secondary Teaching, Counseling, Social Work, or Educational Psychology. 

    Phoenix Educator Preparatory deepens the connection between students’ personal passions and service to their communities. No matter which learning pathway a student might choose to pledge at the end of their freshman year, Phoenix Educator Preparatory graduates will be the highly-trained and next-level teachers, leaders, and caregivers of tomorrow – in our school systems and/or in fields like healthcare, law, politics, etc. 

    For more information and to enroll, visit PXU.org/PhoenixEducatorPreparatory

  • Small Schools Facts

    Open Enrollment: Students residing within the PXU boundaries are eligible for priority enrollment at small schools. Out-of-District students are welcome to apply, but please note, openings may be limited. Each school has a similar application process that involves a student interview. All small schools accept 9th-grade students, however, because of curriculum sequencing, credits earned, or capacity, upper-level students may not be accepted. Check with individual schools. 

    High School Credit, Graduation: Each small school offers a full high school curriculum of courses eligible for graduation and students graduate from that school. Micro schools (schools within a larger school campus) offer students the opportunity to take elective classes and participate in extracurricular activities at the school site. Micro school students may have special events upon graduation, but they graduate as part of the larger campus class. Camelback Montessori and Maryvale Gifted and Talented Academy are PXU’s two micro-schools.

    Advanced classes, Career and Technical Education: Small schools may offer Advanced Placement (AP), AP Testing, Honors, Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, or dual enrollment (community college credit.) Check with each school.

    Size: Phoenix Union small school capacity is no more than 400 students at full capacity. Some schools, based on space limitations, may have smaller enrollment numbers.

    Uniforms: Student uniforms are not required at small schools except at Franklin Police and Fire, where students receive school t-shirts.

    Tuition: All small schools are public schools in the Phoenix Union High School District and do not charge tuition.

    Transportation: Small school students are eligible for a free public bus pass if they live over 1.5 miles from campus.

    Meals: All PXU students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, regardless of family income.

    Interscholastic Athletics: Small schools do not have interscholastic athletics. Small school students entering high school as 9th graders can participate in any comprehensive high school athletic program, despite the student’s home address or location of the small school. However, if a student wants to transfer to another PXU school’s program during their high school career, he/she risks eligibility. It is preferable for practice and competition to participate at a school close to the small school or close to home.

    Band/Choir/Extracurricular activities: Small schools do not have many of the same extracurricular activities as a large comprehensive high school.  Small school students can participate in band, dance, choir, drama, and other District activities. JROTC is not offered at small schools.

    Clubs, Student Activities: Small schools have student activities such as clubs, student government, dances, field trips, and community service opportunities.

    Counselors: All small school students have a counselor.

    Exceptional Student Services: Small schools have various school personnel to provide support and services to students with disabilities. When students are accepted through the application process, IEP or Section 504 Teams will convene to review and determine if revisions are needed and/or if the student will receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) at the small school.

    Student Shadowing: Our small schools offer student shadowing for 8th graders interested in learning more about the school. Contact the school you are interested in attending.

    Summer School: Free summer school is offered at many Phoenix Union high schools. Incoming 9th graders can attend free Freshman Academy and earn one half credit if they attend a PXU school the next school year.

    Technology: Small school students have access to the same technology as our comprehensive campuses.  All PXU students check out laptops when they enroll.