• Maryvale's Support Services:


    **This page will continue to be a "work in progress" and will be updated with information and helpful resources as available**


    It's not easy being a teenager!  PUHSD recognizes this and demonstrates a strong commitment to our students' social, emotional and physical wellbeing through the creation of Support Services Teams (SST).  Maryvale's SST includes Behavior Intervention Specialist, Community Liaisons, Social Workers, Student Liaisons and Student Prevention Intervention Specialist (SPIS).  Members of the SST work closely with students, families and staff to ensure all of our students are safe, happy, healthy and successful.  We have a few honorary members as well, check out the "Meet Our Team" page to learn more.

    SST services include, but are not limited to: community resource and referral, supportive counseling, crisis intervention, attendance contracts and student support groups.  Services are available to ALL Maryvale students and their families and can be accessed through the counseling center.  

    While Maryvale has a great SST, we still need your help!  You?  Yes, you! YOU are our eyes and ears and YOU can help save a life!!!  Explore our page to learn more about Maryvale's SST and discover resources that can help make Maryvale safer, happier and healthier...WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU!!!


    **For additional information specific to the COVID-19 crisis**

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    One valuable source is the database purchased by Phoenix Union High School District: Teen Health and Wellness, used for research and information.  Here is a link to our databases.  Besides Teen Health and Wellness, you will find health information in EBSCOhost web.